Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subjectsort descending Date Signed Link File
2017 6 Use of Online Memorandum Circular Retrieval System in place of the existing... 01/23/2017 MC-2017-006 PDF icon 2017_006.pdf
1980 17 Use of PMD-EDP Form I on Information Update in the Personnel Information Record 02/04/1980 MC-1980-017 PDF icon 1980-017.pdf
1975 89 Use of Private Construction Equipment and Pacquiao Contract in the Construction... MC-1975-089 PDF icon 1975-089.pdf
1970 19 Use of Tax Account Number in all Personnel Transactions 03/31/1970 MC-1970-019 PDF icon 1970-019.pdf
2011 17 Use of the 1994 statement of assets,liabilities and net worth (SALN) form for... 03/23/2011 MC-2011-017 PDF icon 2011-017.pdf
1980 91 Use of the Purchase Order or Contract Instead of the RIV as the Source Document... 10/10/1980 MC-1980-091 PDF icon 1980-091.pdf
2012 6 Use of the revised statement of Assets,Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) form... 01/31/2012 MC-2012-006 PDF icon 2012-006.pdf
1977 38 Used of Established Procedure on Exchange of Communications Between the... 07/18/1977 MC-1977-038 PDF icon 1977-038.pdf
2010 39-A User of official e-mail addresses at the National Irrigation Administration 06/23/2010 MC-2010-039-A PDF icon 2010-039-A.pdf
2012 2 Utilization of Institutional Development Program Funds 01/15/2012 MC-2012-002 PDF icon 2012-002.pdf
1998 31 Utilization of Usable Parts from Disposable Equipment 08/28/1998 MC-1998-031 PDF icon 1998-031.pdf
2018 64 Validation Guidelines on Citizen's Charter Compliance for the 2018... 07/12/2018 MC-2018-064 PDF icon 2018_064.pdf
2011 51 Validity of Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA) for regular MDS Accounts 10/21/2011 MC-2011-051 PDF icon 2011-051.pdf
1985 42 Validity Period of Performance Bonds for Both Civil Works and Supply Contracts 09/02/1985 MC-1985-042 PDF icon 1985-042.pdf
1988 015 Value Added Tax (VAT) 03/09/1988 MC-1988-015 PDF icon 1988-015.pdf
1979 5 Various Budget, Finance and COA Circulars re: Comprehensive Rules, Regulations... 01/03/1979 MC-1979-005 PDF icon 1979-005.pdf
1989 52 Viability Incentive Grant (VIG) 10/03/1989 MC-1989-052 PDF icon 1989-052.pdf
1984 3 Viability Incentive Grant for NIA Personnel 02/20/1984 MC-1984-003 PDF icon 1984-003.pdf
1995 6 VIG Distribution and Treatment of Income in Evaluating Financial Viability 02/24/1995 MC-1995-006 PDF icon 1995-006.pdf
1970 23 Violation of the Irrigation Law (Act 2152, as Amended) 06/10/1970 MC-1970-023 PDF icon 1970-023.pdf
1983 19 Visitors and Employee's ID 08/08/1983 MC-1983-019 PDF icon 1983-019.pdf
1989 82 Water Requirement in Water Permit Application 12/13/1989 MC-1989-082 PDF icon 1989-082.pdf
1980 58 Water Rights Permits for All NIA Projects 06/11/1980 MC-1980-058 PDF icon 1980-058.pdf
1998 6 Wearing of Filipino Attire in Line with the Philippine Centennial Celebrations 02/23/1998 MC-1998-006 PDF icon 1998-006.pdf
1972 75 Wearing of I.D. Cards 11/13/1972 MC-1972-075 PDF icon 1972-075.pdf
1967 23 Wearing of Nameplates Within NIA Premises During Office Hours 04/19/1967 MC-1967-023 PDF icon 1967-023.pdf
2020 21 Wearing of Office Uniform 02/18/2020 MC-2020-021 PDF icon 2020_021.pdf
2020 109 Wearing of Office Uniform 07/27/2020 MC-2020-109 PDF icon 2020_109.pdf
2004 49 Wearing of Proper Uniform as Prescribed by PNP-SAGSD for Government Security... 12/15/2004 MC-2004-049 PDF icon 2004-049.pdf