Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signedsort ascending Link File
1971 33 Designation of Special Action Officers in this Agency MC-1971-033 PDF icon 1971-033.pdf
2005 92 Revised Requirement in Accomplishing Request for Issuance Voucher MC-2005-092 PDF icon 2005-092.pdf
1987 039 Loss of Official Receipts MC-1987-039 PDF icon 1987-039.pdf
1982 10 Medicare Coverage for Contractual Employees MC-1982-010 PDF icon 1982-010.pdf
1989 009 Duration of Temporary Appointments Under the Monthly Plantilla of Personnel MC-1989-009 PDF icon 1989-009.pdf
1978 43 MC # 4-78 of the Bureau of Treasury Regarding Revised Regulations in the... MC-1978-043 PDF icon 1978-043.pdf
1985 39 Monthly Submission to Central Office Thru Radio Message Amounts Automatically... MC-1985-039 PDF icon 1985-039.pdf
1984 40 Loss of Official Receipts MC-1984-040 PDF icon 1984-040.pdf
1996 21-A Reconstitution of Technical Secretariat for PBAC-B MC-1996-021-A PDF icon 1996-021-A.pdf
1967 30-A Delegation of Authority to Enter Into Contract MC-1967-030-A
2006 41-A Clarificatory/Amendatory Guidelines Re -Memorandum Circular No. 41 series 2006 MC-2006-041-A PDF icon 2006-041-A.pdf
1974 10-B Additional Information on the Submission of Assets, Liabilities & Net Worth... MC-1974-010-B PDF icon 1974-010-B.pdf
1982 62 Guidelines on Daily Positions on the Field Offices MC-1982-062 PDF icon 1982-062.pdf
2017 36 NIA-Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (NIA-PRAISE)... MC-2017-036 PDF icon 2017_036.pdf
1994 21 Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 12, s. 1994 dated March 10,... MC-1994-021 PDF icon 1994-021.pdf
1984 41 Increase of Government Support Price for Palay from P2.90 to P3.35 per Kilogram MC-1984-041 PDF icon 1984-041.pdf
1976 17-C Certain Revisions in the NIA Pay Plan for Daily Wage Employees as a Result of... MC-1976-017-C PDF icon 1976-017-C.pdf
1989 79 Reiteration of Prohibited Acts in Connection with the Processing of RIVs/Other... MC-1989-079 PDF icon 1989-079.pdf
1993 50 Commission on Audit Circular No. 93-819 MC-1993-050 PDF icon 1993-050.pdf
1971 19 Presence of Personnel in Their Posts MC-1971-019 PDF icon 1971-019.pdf
1969 8 Transfer of Used Tires with Sizes From 8.25 and Up, without Cost, to the Bureau... MC-1969-008 PDF icon 1969-008.pdf
1978 31 Guidelines in Implementing Section 8 and 9 of the Revised Rules and Regulations... MC-1978-031 PDF icon 1978-031.pdf
1983 41 Effectivity of the Increased Government Support Price for Palay at P2.10 Per... MC-1983-041 PDF icon 1983-041.pdf
2002 22-A Amendatory Guidelines for NIA's Female Office Uniform for CY 2002 MC-2002-022-A PDF icon 2002-022-A.pdf
1977 41 Automatic Grant of Eligibility Under RA 1080 as Amended MC-1977-041 PDF icon 1977-041.pdf
1979 36 Designation of Irrigation Technicians and Other PIO Personnel as Assistant Bill... MC-1979-036 PDF icon 1979-036.pdf
1978 45 Loss of Official Receipts MC-1978-045 PDF icon 1978-045.pdf
1989 43 Reconstitution of the Existing Prequalifications, Bids and Awards Committee (... MC-1989-043 PDF icon 1989-043.pdf
1980 8 National Budget Circular Nos. 312-A, Finance Circular No. 9-79-A and COA... MC-1980-008 PDF icon 1980-008.pdf