Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signedsort ascending Link File
1975 9-B Delegated Authorities and Responsibilities MC-1975-009-B PDF icon 1975-009-B.pdf
1990 30 Protective Service Positions Reincluded in the Coverage of Resolution No. 435,... MC-1990-030 PDF icon 1990-030.pdf
1973 29-A Modification of the Reorganization Plan regarding Revision of the Territorial... MC-1973-029-A PDF icon 1973-029-A.pdf
1989 48 Administrative Order No. 137 MC-1989-048 PDF icon 1989-048.pdf
1975 89 Use of Private Construction Equipment and Pacquiao Contract in the Construction... MC-1975-089 PDF icon 1975-089.pdf
1978 48 Revised Procedure for Reporting of National Collections and Crediting the... MC-1978-048 PDF icon 1978-048.pdf
1973 79 Provisions of Commission on Audit General Circular No. 123 dated October 9,... MC-1973-079 PDF icon 1973-079.pdf
1978 64 Dividing National Irrigation Systems and Sections and Instructions to Preserve... MC-1978-064 PDF icon 1978-064.pdf
1968 52 No copy available MC-1968-052
1991 27 Cost Recovery Schemes and Other Pertinent Guidelines for Communal Irrigation... MC-1991-027 PDF icon 1991-027.pdf
1967 54 Submission of Information and/or Data on Sectioning for Gatekeepers and... MC-1967-054 PDF icon 1967-054.pdf
1989 33 Presidential Memo Order No. 219 Requiring the Submission of Lists of Government... MC-1989-033 PDF icon 1989-033.pdf
1972 60-A Amendments to the Regulations Embodied in Memorandum Circular # 60, s. 1972 MC-1972-060-A PDF icon 1972-060-A.pdf
1994 21 Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 12, s. 1994 dated March 10,... MC-1994-021 PDF icon 1994-021.pdf
1988 022 Revised/Updated and New Guidelines regarding Communal Irrigation Program... MC-1988-022 PDF icon 1988-022.pdf
1977 27 Reorganization of the Various Committees on Bids and Awards for Goods and... MC-1977-027 PDF icon 1977-027.pdf
1978 34 MC # 4, s. 1978 of the Civil Service Commission regarding Updated Requirements... MC-1978-034 PDF icon 1978-034.pdf
1975 9-D Additional Delegation of Authorities and Responsibilities to Assistant... MC-1975-009-D PDF icon 1975-009-D.pdf
1980 8 National Budget Circular Nos. 312-A, Finance Circular No. 9-79-A and COA... MC-1980-008 PDF icon 1980-008.pdf
1968 53 No copy available MC-1968-053
1969 33 Rules, Regulations and Conditions re: Movement and Disposition of Construction... MC-1969-033 PDF icon 1969-033.pdf
1985 37 Loss of Official Receipts MC-1985-037 PDF icon 1985-037.pdf
1979 93 Grant of Incentive Allowance to Employees Pursuant to Board Resolution No. 3173... MC-1979-093 PDF icon 1979-093.pdf
1988 007 Commission on Audit Circular No. 87-278 dated November 12, 1987 for "... MC-1988-007 PDF icon 1988-007.pdf
1967 71 Payment of Terminal Leaves and Death Compensation MC-1967-071 PDF icon 1967-071.pdf
1967 11 Purchase of Official Receipts MC-1967-011 PDF icon 1967-011.pdf
1988 050 Guidelines and Accounting Procedures for the Closing of the Books of the... MC-1988-050 PDF icon 1988-050.pdf
1978 35 Revision of Civil Service Form No. 33 (Revised Jan. 1963), Appointment Form,... MC-1978-035 PDF icon 1978-035.pdf
1975 20 Regrouping of Provinces under the Administrative Jurisdiction of the Regional... MC-1975-020 PDF icon 1975-020.pdf