Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signedsort ascending Link File
1976 4 Implementation of the NIA Reorganization Plan as Indicated in the Plantilla... MC-1976-004 PDF icon 1976-004.pdf
2020 55 Department of Health (DOH) Administrative Order No. 2020-0013 Re: Revised... MC-2020-055 PDF icon 2020_055.pdf
1986 025 Auction Procedures on the Sale of ISF Collections in Palay as Addendum to the... MC-1986-025 PDF icon 1986-025.pdf
2004 37 Suspension on the Filling of Vacant Monthly Positions MC-2004-037 PDF icon 2004-037.pdf
1985 39 Monthly Submission to Central Office Thru Radio Message Amounts Automatically... MC-1985-039 PDF icon 1985-039.pdf
1981 26 Guidelines Re-Printing Activities of the Agency MC-1981-026 PDF icon 1981-026.pdf
1979 23 Revised Form of Monthly Operation, Maintenance and Repair Cost Report (EM-12) MC-1979-023 PDF icon 1979-023.pdf
1991 21 Performance Appraisal System of the National Irrigation Administration MC-1991-021 PDF icon 1991-021.pdf
1978 46 Loss of Official Receipts MC-1978-046 PDF icon 1978-046.pdf
2003 12-A Clarificatory/Supplementary Guidelines Re-Grant of Productivity Incentive... MC-2003-012-A PDF icon 2003-012-A.pdf
1974 5 New Deadline in Filing of Income Tax Returns MC-1974-005 PDF icon 1974-005.pdf
1986 026 No Issuance MC-1986-026
1971 19 Presence of Personnel in Their Posts MC-1971-019 PDF icon 1971-019.pdf
1973 29-A Modification of the Reorganization Plan regarding Revision of the Territorial... MC-1973-029-A PDF icon 1973-029-A.pdf
1975 39-A Supplemental Requirements under Item 1-2 for Responsibilities of Regional... MC-1975-039-A PDF icon 1975-039-A.pdf
1988 044-A MC-1988-044-A
2007 46 Use of Energy Efficient Lighting Systems (EELs) in Government Facilities (Palit... MC-2007-046 PDF icon 2007-046.pdf
1974 44 Revised Performance Rating System of the National Irrigation Administration MC-1974-044 PDF icon 1974-044.pdf
1984 36 Accounting Instructions/Guidelines on the Year-End Closing of the Books of... MC-1984-036 PDF icon 1984-036.pdf
1978 47 Guidelines to Determine Obsolete and Uneconomical Passenger Vehicles for... MC-1978-047 PDF icon 1978-047.pdf
1978 62 Authority Delegated to Certain NIA Officials to Approve Request for Relief from... MC-1978-062 PDF icon 1978-062.pdf
1976 17-C Certain Revisions in the NIA Pay Plan for Daily Wage Employees as a Result of... MC-1976-017-C PDF icon 1976-017-C.pdf
1988 044-B MC-1988-044-B
1989 43 Reconstitution of the Existing Prequalifications, Bids and Awards Committee (... MC-1989-043 PDF icon 1989-043.pdf
1982 5-A Additional Guidelines and Accounting Procedures for the Full Implementation of... MC-1982-005-A
2001 35 Regulations in the Adoption of the Cost Saving Measures MC-2001-035 PDF icon 2001-035.pdf
1977 41 Automatic Grant of Eligibility Under RA 1080 as Amended MC-1977-041 PDF icon 1977-041.pdf
1972 70 Guidelines on the Proper Maintenance of Irrigation Canals MC-1972-070 PDF icon 1972-070.pdf
1978 33 Rules and Regulations Implementing the NIA National Scholarship for Development... MC-1978-033 PDF icon 1978-033.pdf