Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signedsort ascending Link File
2019 38 Software License Audit for Autodesk Products 05/20/2019 MC-2019-038 PDF icon 2019_038.pdf
2019 36 Grant of Mid-Year Bonus, Year End Bonus and Cash Gift for FY 2019 and Years... 05/15/2019 MC-2019-036 PDF icon 2019_036.pdf
2019 37 Updated and Expanded Scope of Quality Management System (QMS) for Certification... 05/15/2019 MC-2019-037 PDF icon 2019_037.pdf
2019 39 Hiring of Geodetic Engineer in all Regional Irrigation Offices (RIO),... 05/15/2019 MC-2019-039 PDF icon 2019_039.pdf
2019 35 National Irrigation Administration Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan... 05/10/2019 MC-2019-035 PDF icon 2019_035.pdf
2019 34 Revocation of MC No. 4, s. 2019 Re: Rendition of Overtime Services with... 05/09/2019 MC-2019-034 PDF icon 2019_034.pdf
2019 33 Constitution of Anti-Red Tape Committee and its Technical Working Group 04/30/2019 MC-2019-033 PDF icon 2019_033.pdf
2019 31 NIA-Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (NIA-PRAISE)... 04/29/2019 MC-2019-031 PDF icon 2019_031.pdf
2019 32 Updated Agency's Mission, Vision and Strategy Map 04/29/2019 MC-2019-032 PDF icon 2019_032.pdf
2019 30 CY 2019 Updated Frontline Services Requirements and Procedures Offered by NIA (... 04/29/2019 MC-2019-030 PDF icon 2019_030.pdf
2019 29 Executive Order No. 77 "Prescribing Rules and Regulations and Rates of... 04/15/2019 MC-2019-029 PDF icon 2019_029.pdf
2019 28 Implementation of the Fourth Tranche Compensation Adjustment for Civilian... 04/12/2019 MC-2019-028 PDF icon 2019_028.pdf
2019 22 Temporary Suspension of Tuesday and Thursday Wearing of Office Uniform 04/05/2019 MC-2019-022 PDF icon 2019_022.pdf
2019 23 Addendum to MC No. 102 s. 2018 (Guidelines on the Hiring of Consultants) 04/05/2019 MC-2019-023 PDF icon 2019_023.pdf
2019 24 Amendment to MC No. 23 s. 2015 "Clarification on the Definition of... 04/05/2019 MC-2019-024 PDF icon 2019_024.pdf
2019 25 Amendment to MC No. 15 s. 2019 "Guidelines for the Grant of Collective... 04/05/2019 MC-2019-025 PDF icon 2019_025.pdf
2019 26 Revision / Updating / Renaming of SOEM Form A1-QS 04/05/2019 MC-2019-026 PDF icon 2019_026.pdf
2019 27 Evaluation of Consultants to be Engaged in Feasibility and Detailed Engineering... 04/05/2019 MC-2019-027 PDF icon 2019_027.pdf
2019 21 Reconstitution of Membership of NIA Program on Awards and Incentives for... 04/02/2019 MC-2019-021 PDF icon 2019_021.pdf
2019 19 Submission of Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) and Indicative Annual... 03/19/2019 MC-2019-019 PDF icon 2019_019.pdf
2019 20 Creation of Inspection and Monitoring Team in All Regional Offices 03/19/2019 MC-2019-020 PDF icon 2019_020.pdf
2019 17 NIA Guidelines on the Planning, Design and Application of Geosynthetic... 03/13/2019 MC-2019-017 PDF icon 2019_017.pdf
2019 18 Adoption of NIA-Standard Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Conduct and... 03/13/2019 MC-2019-018 PDF icon 2019_018.pdf
2019 16 Amendment to NIA MC No. 15, series 2016: Guidelines in the Conduct of Staff... 03/11/2019 MC-2019-016 PDF icon 2019_016.pdf
2019 10-A Filling and Submission of Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN)... 03/06/2019 MC-2019-010-A PDF icon 2019_010-A.pdf
2019 15 Ammendment to MC No. 12 s. 2019 "Guidelines for the Grant of Collective... 03/01/2019 MC-2019-015 PDF icon 2019_015.pdf
2019 14 Communication and Information for the Chico River Pump Irrigation Project 02/21/2019 MC-2019-014 PDF icon 2019_014.pdf
2019 13 Revised NIA Personnel Development Committee (PDC) 02/21/2019 MC-2019-013 PDF icon 2019_013.pdf
2019 12 Guidelines for the Grant of Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Incentive... 02/19/2019 MC-2019-012 PDF icon 2019_012.pdf