Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signedsort ascending Link File
2018 67 Reconstitution of the GCG Technical Working Group (TWG) 07/23/2018 MC-2018-067 PDF icon 2018_067.pdf
2018 66 COA Circular on the Reimbursement of Expenses not Requiring Official Receipts 07/20/2018 MC-2018-066 PDF icon 2018_066.pdf
2018 65 Designation of Focal Persons in the Regions and IMOS for Project "DIME... 07/17/2018 MC-2018-065 PDF icon 2018_065.pdf
2018 64 Validation Guidelines on Citizen's Charter Compliance for the 2018... 07/12/2018 MC-2018-064 PDF icon 2018_064.pdf
2018 63 Reconstitution of the Bids and Awards Committee-A (BAC-A) at the NIA Central... 07/11/2018 MC-2018-063 PDF icon 2018_063.pdf
2018 62 Implementation of Item No. 4 of the Special Provisions under the National... 07/10/2018 MC-2018-062 PDF icon 2018_062.pdf
2018 61 Replacement of Bids and Awards Committee-B Member 07/09/2018 MC-2018-061 PDF icon 2018_061.pdf
2018 60 Strict Adherence to the NEDA-Investment Coordination Committee (ICC) Guidelines 07/06/2018 MC-2018-060 PDF icon 2018_060.pdf
2018 59 Creation of Technical Working Group (TWG) and Core Teams in the Development of... 07/05/2018 MC-2018-059 PDF icon 2018_059.pdf
2018 58 Creation of the Interim NIA Dam Safety Group Organization (INDSGO) 07/02/2018 MC-2018-058 PDF icon 2018_058.pdf
2018 57 Formulation of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Plan and Creation... 06/27/2018 MC-2018-057 PDF icon 2018_057.pdf
2018 56 Addendum to MC No. 41 s. 2018 - "Creation of the NIA Steering Commitee and... 06/22/2018 MC-2018-056 PDF icon 2018_056.pdf
2018 55 Reiteration to Hire Retainer Lawyers 06/20/2018 MC-2018-055 PDF icon 2018_055.pdf
2018 55 Reiteration to Hire Retainer Lawyers 06/20/2018 MC-2018-055 PDF icon 2018_055.pdf
2018 53 Amendment to 2018 NIA Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (NIA... 06/14/2018 MC-2018-053 PDF icon 2018_053.pdf
2018 54 CS Form No. 7, Series of 2017 (Clearance) 06/14/2018 MC-2018-054 PDF icon 2018_054.pdf
2018 51 Updated Frontline Services Requirements and Procedures Offered by NIA (Citizens... 06/13/2018 MC-2018-051 PDF icon 2018_051.pdf
2018 52 55th NIA Anniversary Celebration at the Central Office 06/13/2018 MC-2018-052 PDF icon 2018_052.pdf
2018 50 Guidelines in the Formulation, Review, and Evaluation of Risks and... 06/11/2018 MC-2018-050 PDF icon 2018_050.pdf
2018 49 Filling-up of Vacant Authorized Positions 06/07/2018 MC-2018-049 PDF icon 2018_049.pdf
2018 47 Implementation of Client/Customers' Feedback Mechanism 06/06/2018 MC-2018-047 PDF icon 2018_047.pdf
2018 45 Reiteration on the Deadline of Submission of Supplemental PPMP 06/05/2018 MC-2018-045 PDF icon 2018_045.pdf
2018 46 Adoption of Government-Wide Email System (GOVMAIL) 06/05/2018 MC-2018-046 PDF icon 2018_046.pdf
2018 44 Creation of NIA Screening Committee for the Grant of Hazard Allowance 05/31/2018 MC-2018-044 PDF icon 2018_044.pdf
2018 43 Creation of Inspection and Assessment Team 05/28/2018 MC-2018-043 PDF icon 2018_043.pdf
2018 42 Issuance of Certification by Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for Degrees... 05/28/2018 MC-2018-042 PDF icon 2018_042.pdf
2018 41 Creation of NIA Steering Committee and Technical Working Group (TWG) in the... 05/24/2018 MC-2018-041 PDF icon 2018_041.pdf
2018 48 Guidelines on the Grant of Loyalty Award for CY 2018 05/18/2018 MC-2018-048 PDF icon 2018_048.pdf
2018 39 Documentary Requirements in the processing of Terminal Leave/Retirement under... 05/18/2018 MC-2018-039 PDF icon 2018_039.pdf