Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No.sort ascending Subject Date Signed Link File
2019 99 Revocation of NIA Memorandum Circular No. 70, Series of 2019 11/11/2019 MC-2019-099 PDF icon 2019_099.pdf
1979 99 Rules and Regulations Implementing the Intent and Provisions of P.D. No. 894,... 12/07/1979 MC-1979-099 PDF icon 1979-099.pdf
1980 99 The Use of Collection Tag and the Indication of the Variety of Palay Collected... 11/06/1980 MC-1980-099 PDF icon 1980-099.pdf
2018 99 Guidelines for the NIA Officers who are Retiring from Service 11/28/2018 MC-2018-099 PDF icon 2018_099.pdf
2005 99 Grant of Performance Bonus for FY 2005 12/16/2005 MC-2005-099 PDF icon 2005-099.pdf
2021 99 Interim Human Resource Merit and Promotion Selection Board (Interim HRMPSB) 09/09/2021 MC-2021-099 PDF icon 2021_099.pdf
2020 99 Courtesy Visit for Newly Appointed/Designated/Reassigned Section Chief and... 06/29/2020 MC-2020-099 PDF icon 2020_099.pdf
1979 98 Loss of Unused Official Receipts 12/03/1979 MC-1979-098 PDF icon 1979-098.pdf
1980 98 Loss of One (1) Booklet Official Receipt 11/04/1980 MC-1980-098 PDF icon 1980-098.pdf
2018 98 Procurement of Spare Parts 11/28/2018 MC-2018-098 PDF icon 2018_098.pdf
2005 98 Designation of Mr. Teodoro A. Velasco as Assistant Administrator for Finance... 12/16/2005 MC-2005-098 PDF icon 2005-098.pdf
2021 98 New Criteria for the Classification of National Irrigation Systems (NISs) 09/06/2021 MC-2021-098 PDF icon 2021_098.pdf
2020 98 Pag-Ibig Fund Circular No. 432: Guidelines on the Grant of Moratorium on Short-... 07/10/2020 MC-2020-098 PDF icon 2020_098.pdf
2019 98 Reconstitution of Anti-Red Tape (ARTA) Committee and its Technical Working... 10/29/2019 MC-2019-098 PDF icon 2019_098.pdf
1979 97 Additional Authority Delegated to the Assistant Administrator for Project... 11/26/1979 MC-1979-097 PDF icon 1979-097.pdf
1980 97 Policies on Internal Detail/Transfer of NIA Employees 11/04/1980 MC-1980-097 PDF icon 1980-097.pdf
2018 97 Creation of Investigation Team for the Bugko Project 11/26/2018 MC-2018-097 PDF icon 2018_097.pdf
2005 97 Guidelines on the Availment of the Ten-Day Leave Under RA 9262 (Anti-Violence... 12/15/2005 MC-2005-097 PDF icon 2005-097.pdf
2021 97 Preparation and Online Submission of Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Gender and... 09/06/2021 MC-2021-097 PDF icon 2021_097.pdf
2020 97 Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHILHEALTH) Various Circulars in... 07/10/2020 MC-2020-097 PDF icon 2020_097.pdf
2019 97 Documented Information Team Coaching Thru Video Conference 11/05/2019 MC-2019-097 PDF icon 2019_097.pdf
2020 96-A Amended Protocols on Workplace Prevention and Control of COVID-19 re: Lockdown 01/25/2021 MC-2020-96-A PDF icon 2020_096-A.pdf
1980 96 Revised Authority Delegated to the Provincial Irrigation Engineers, Project... 11/03/1980 MC-1980-096 PDF icon 1980-096.pdf
2018 96 Sanctions/Penalties on Account of Inefficiency and Incompetence in the... 11/06/2018 MC-2018-096 PDF icon 2018_096.pdf
2005 96 4th International Convention and Exhibition and 56th PSAE Annual National... 12/07/2005 MC-2005-096 PDF icon 2005-096.pdf
2021 96 Revised Rental Rates for the Function Rooms and Sports Facilities 09/01/2021 MC-2021-096 PDF icon 2021_096.pdf
2020 96 Protocols on Workplace Prevention and Control of COVID-19 07/10/2020 MC-2020-096 PDF icon 2020_096.pdf
2019 96 Addendum to MC No. 60, series of 2019: NIA Guidelines on the Conduct Knowledge... 11/04/2019 MC-2019-096 PDF icon 2019_096.pdf
1979 96 Loss of Unused Acknowledgement Receipts 11/26/1979 MC-1979-096 PDF icon 1979-096.pdf