Memorandum Circulars

Seriessort ascending MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
1968 73 Revised Form for Application for Leave of Absences 10/01/1968 MC-1968-073 PDF icon 1968-073.pdf
1968 12 Scholarship Foundation for Children and GSIS Members 02/05/1968 MC-1968-012 PDF icon 1968-012.pdf
1968 24 Revised Rules and Regulations Covering the Operation and Maintenance of... 03/01/1968 MC-1968-024 PDF icon 1968-024.pdf
1968 41 Delegation of Authority to Approve Appointment of Casual Laborers for a Period... 04/23/1968 MC-1968-041 PDF icon 1968-041.pdf
1968 58 Employment in Public Works Construction Projects 07/15/1968 MC-1968-058 PDF icon 1968-058.pdf
1968 74 Submission of a List of Office Equipment Including Those That Need Replacement 10/04/1968 MC-1968-074 PDF icon 1968-074.pdf
1968 13 Limitations on Field Emergency Purchases 02/09/1968 MC-1968-013 PDF icon 1968-013.pdf
1968 25 Authority to Attend the Fourth National Convention and Conference of Government... 03/05/1968 MC-1968-025 PDF icon 1968-025.pdf
1968 43 Prohibiting the Detail of National Government Personnel from the Provinces to... 04/24/1968 MC-1968-043 PDF icon 1968-043.pdf
1968 59 Prohibiting the use of "Vales", IOUs Chits or other Forms of... 07/15/1968 MC-1968-059 PDF icon 1968-059.pdf
1968 75 Direct Remittance to the GSIS of Personal and Government Share of Life and... 10/08/1968 MC-1968-075 PDF icon 1968-075.pdf
1968 14 Delegation of Authority to Approve Applications for Leaves of Absence 02/05/1968 MC-1968-014 PDF icon 1968-014.pdf
1968 25-A Authority to Attend the Fourth National Convention and Conference of Government... 03/05/1968 MC-1968-025-A PDF icon 1968-025-A.pdf
1968 44 Office Hours During Month of May 04/25/1968 MC-1968-044 PDF icon 1968-044.pdf
1968 60 Withholding of Salaries and Wages by Designated Cashiers of Government... 07/17/1968 MC-1968-060 PDF icon 1968-060.pdf
1968 76 GAO General Circular No. 88-A dated August 28, 1964 10/21/1968 MC-1968-076 PDF icon 1968-076.pdf
1968 15 Reporting of Actual Time of Equipment Use and Submission of a Report on Summary... 02/01/1968 MC-1968-015 PDF icon 1968-015.pdf
1968 26 Imposition of Insurance Fund in Friar Lands 03/19/1968 MC-1968-026 PDF icon 1968-026.pdf
1968 45 NIA Functions are Governmental in Nature 04/29/1968 MC-1968-045 PDF icon 1968-045.pdf
1968 61 Submission of Nominations for Honorary Awards 07/18/1968 MC-1968-061 PDF icon 1968-061.pdf
1968 77 Holding of Regional Seminar-Workshops on Disbursement, Billing and Collection... 10/25/1968 MC-1968-077 PDF icon 1968-077.pdf
1968 16 Offer of FFP Commodity Assistance to Communal Irrigation Projects 02/18/1968 MC-1968-016 PDF icon 1968-016.pdf
1968 27 Supplemental Rules and Regulations on Official Travels of Field Officials 03/19/1968 MC-1968-027 PDF icon 1968-027.pdf
1968 46 Proper Identification and Use of Government Vehicles 05/06/1968 MC-1968-046 PDF icon 1968-046.pdf
1968 62 Guidelines in the Preparation of Daily Appointments 06/10/1968 MC-1968-062 PDF icon 1968-062.pdf
1968 78 Filing of Applications for Vacation and/or Sick Leave of Absence 10/24/1968 MC-1968-078 PDF icon 1968-078.pdf
1968 17 New Procedures in the Utilization of World Food Program Commodities 02/14/1968 MC-1968-017 PDF icon 1968-017.pdf
1968 27-A Amendment and Supplement to MC No. 27, s. 1968 04/05/1968 MC-1968-027-A PDF icon 1968-027-A.pdf
1968 47 Prescribing the Procedure for the Creation, Operation, and Maintenance of an... 05/13/1968 MC-1968-047 PDF icon 1968-047.pdf