Memorandum Circulars

Seriessort ascending MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
2018 63 Reconstitution of the Bids and Awards Committee-A (BAC-A) at the NIA Central... 07/11/2018 MC-2018-063 PDF icon 2018_063.pdf
2018 79 Status of Requests on the Creation of Daily/Contract of Service/Job Order... 08/14/2018 MC-2018-079 PDF icon 2018_079.pdf
2018 95 Guidelines on the Grant of Cash Equivalent to Rice and Transportation Subsidy... 11/05/2018 MC-2018-095 PDF icon 2018_095.pdf
2018 34 Election Ban on Appointment or Hiring of New Employees, Creation of New... 05/09/2018 MC-2018-034 PDF icon 2018_034.pdf
2018 10 Transfer of Management Functions fro Internal Audit Services (IAS) to the... 01/31/2018 MC-2018-010 PDF icon 2018_010.pdf
2018 49 Filling-up of Vacant Authorized Positions 06/07/2018 MC-2018-049 PDF icon 2018_049.pdf
2018 27 Prohibition Against Solicitation of Endorsement from Politicians and other... 04/16/2018 MC-2018-027 PDF icon 2018_027.pdf
2018 64 Validation Guidelines on Citizen's Charter Compliance for the 2018... 07/12/2018 MC-2018-064 PDF icon 2018_064.pdf
2018 80 Submission and Updating of Desk and Operations Manual 08/28/2018 MC-2018-080 PDF icon 2018_080.pdf
2018 96 Sanctions/Penalties on Account of Inefficiency and Incompetence in the... 11/06/2018 MC-2018-096 PDF icon 2018_096.pdf
2018 35 Special Ad Hoc Human Resource Management Personnel Selection Board (Special Ad... 05/09/2018 MC-2018-035 PDF icon 2018_035.pdf
2018 13 Office Order No. 032 series 2017 from the Office of the President, Malacañang,... 02/02/2018 MC-2018-013 PDF icon 2018_013.pdf
2018 50 Guidelines in the Formulation, Review, and Evaluation of Risks and... 06/11/2018 MC-2018-050 PDF icon 2018_050.pdf
2018 28 Information and Publicity on Programs/Projects/Activities (PPAS) of NIA to be... 04/23/2018 MC-2018-028 PDF icon 2018_028.pdf
2018 65 Designation of Focal Persons in the Regions and IMOS for Project "DIME... 07/17/2018 MC-2018-065 PDF icon 2018_065.pdf
2018 81 Re-Packaging of and Approved Single Civil Work Contract Package to Two (2) or... 08/29/2018 MC-2018-081 PDF icon 2018_081.pdf
2018 97 Creation of Investigation Team for the Bugko Project 11/26/2018 MC-2018-097 PDF icon 2018_097.pdf
2018 36 Performance Evaluation Report for Probationary Employees 05/09/2018 MC-2018-036 PDF icon 2018_036.pdf
2018 12 Addendum to Revised Delegation of Authorities to NIA Officials (Administrative... 02/02/2018 MC-2018-012 PDF icon 2018_012.pdf
2018 51 Updated Frontline Services Requirements and Procedures Offered by NIA (Citizens... 06/13/2018 MC-2018-051 PDF icon 2018_051.pdf
2018 29 Designation of Focal Persons and Alternates for Project "DIME"... 04/30/2018 MC-2018-029 PDF icon 2018_029.pdf
2018 66 COA Circular on the Reimbursement of Expenses not Requiring Official Receipts 07/20/2018 MC-2018-066 PDF icon 2018_066.pdf
2018 82 Close Monitoring of Water Level on Major Dams 09/12/2018 MC-2018-082 PDF icon 2018_082.pdf
2018 98 Procurement of Spare Parts 11/28/2018 MC-2018-098 PDF icon 2018_098.pdf
2018 37 Creation of Internal Quality Audit Team 05/11/2018 MC-2018-037 PDF icon 2018_037.pdf
2018 14 Addendum to MC No. 55 "Revised Delegation of Authorities to NIA Officials... 02/06/2018 MC-2018-014 PDF icon 2018_014.pdf
2018 52 55th NIA Anniversary Celebration at the Central Office 06/13/2018 MC-2018-052 PDF icon 2018_052.pdf
2018 67 Reconstitution of the GCG Technical Working Group (TWG) 07/23/2018 MC-2018-067 PDF icon 2018_067.pdf
2018 83 Reconstitution of the NIA Committee on Employees Benefits 09/13/2018 MC-2018-083 PDF icon 2018_083.pdf