Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
1967 41 Sale and Distribution of Cheap Rice from the RCA to Government Employees... 07/28/1967 MC-1967-041 PDF icon 1967-041.pdf
1967 42 Submission of Charts, Actual No. of Personnel and Related Matters 08/01/1967 MC-1967-042 PDF icon 1967-042.pdf
1967 43 Direct Payment of Salaries and Wages to Personnel 08/03/1967 MC-1967-043 PDF icon 1967-043.pdf
1967 44 Standardization and Types of Administrative Issuances 08/02/1967 MC-1967-044 PDF icon 1967-044.pdf
1967 45 Submission of Ranges of Assessed Values of Land Within the IS/Systems 08/09/1967 MC-1967-045 PDF icon 1967-045.pdf
1967 46 Republic Act No. 4968 Re: Retirement Benefits for Government Employees 08/08/1967 MC-1967-046 PDF icon 1967-046.pdf
1967 47 Presidential Executive Order No. 70 08/10/1967 MC-1967-047 PDF icon 1967-047.pdf
1967 48 Up-Dating List of NIA Accountable Officials and Employees 08/14/1967 MC-1967-048 PDF icon 1967-048.pdf
1967 49 CSC MC # 19, s. 1967, re: Transfer with Promotion and/or Increase in Salary 08/15/1967 MC-1967-049 PDF icon 1967-049.pdf
1967 50 Submission of Layout of Systems & Estimates on Drainage 08/14/1967 MC-1967-050 PDF icon 1967-050.pdf
1967 51 Providing Transportation for NIA Officials and Employees on Official Business... 08/14/1967 MC-1967-051 PDF icon 1967-051.pdf
1967 52 Submission of Field Daily Appointments to Central Office 08/16/1967 MC-1967-052 PDF icon 1967-052.pdf
1967 53 Memorandum Circular No. 125 of the Office of the President of the Philippines 08/18/1967 MC-1967-053 PDF icon 1967-053.pdf
1967 54 Submission of Information and/or Data on Sectioning for Gatekeepers and... MC-1967-054 PDF icon 1967-054.pdf
1967 55 Quarterly Report on Equipment and Motor Vehicles Rental Income and Repairs and... 08/22/1967 MC-1967-055 PDF icon 1967-055.pdf
1967 56 Simultaneous Payment of Right-of Way Claims and Collection of Irrigation Fees 08/22/1967 MC-1967-056 PDF icon 1967-056.pdf
1967 57 Revision of "Example and Explanation of Coded Report" Appended to... 08/23/1967 MC-1967-057 PDF icon 1967-057.pdf
1967 58 Submission of Inventory Reports as of June 30, 1967 08/24/1967 MC-1967-058 PDF icon 1967-058.pdf
1967 59 Designation of In-Charge of Office in the Regions 08/24/1967 MC-1967-059 PDF icon 1967-059.pdf
1967 60 Submission of List of Spare Parts 08/31/1967 MC-1967-060 PDF icon 1967-060.pdf
1967 61 Condonation or Remission of Accrued Interests on Principal Obligations to the... 08/25/1967 MC-1967-061 PDF icon 1967-061.pdf
1967 62 Republic Act No. 4854 - Forty-Five Day Election Ban 09/05/1967 MC-1967-062 PDF icon 1967-062.pdf
1967 63 Transfer of Property from One Accountable Officer to Another and Transfer of... 09/06/1967 MC-1967-063 PDF icon 1967-063.pdf
1967 64 Submission of List of Officials and Employees Desiring to Avail of New... 09/07/1967 MC-1967-064 PDF icon 1967-064.pdf
1967 65 Submission of Names of NIA Officials and Employees Teaching After Office Hours 09/06/1967 MC-1967-065 PDF icon 1967-065.pdf
1967 66 Continuance of Pre-Audit System in the National lrrigation Administration 09/22/1967 MC-1967-066 PDF icon 1967-066.pdf
1967 67 Submission of Accomplished Revised Equipment Status Report Direct to the... 09/29/1967 MC-1967-067 PDF icon 1967-067.pdf
1967 68 BC No. 192 - Salary Adjustment of Officials and Employees of the National... 10/05/1967 MC-1967-068 PDF icon 1967-068.pdf
1967 69 Delegation of Recommendatory Powers of Regional Irrigation Engineers 10/10/1967 MC-1967-069 PDF icon 1967-069.pdf