Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
1968 73 Revised Form for Application for Leave of Absences 10/01/1968 MC-1968-073 PDF icon 1968-073.pdf
1968 74 Submission of a List of Office Equipment Including Those That Need Replacement 10/04/1968 MC-1968-074 PDF icon 1968-074.pdf
1968 75 Direct Remittance to the GSIS of Personal and Government Share of Life and... 10/08/1968 MC-1968-075 PDF icon 1968-075.pdf
1968 76 GAO General Circular No. 88-A dated August 28, 1964 10/21/1968 MC-1968-076 PDF icon 1968-076.pdf
1968 77 Holding of Regional Seminar-Workshops on Disbursement, Billing and Collection... 10/25/1968 MC-1968-077 PDF icon 1968-077.pdf
1968 78 Filing of Applications for Vacation and/or Sick Leave of Absence 10/24/1968 MC-1968-078 PDF icon 1968-078.pdf
1968 79 Supplemental Regulation on Teaching After Office Hours 10/30/1968 MC-1968-079 PDF icon 1968-079.pdf
1968 80 MC-1968-080
1968 81 Instructions Designed to Eliminate Losses or Irregularities Arising from the... 11/18/1968 MC-1968-081 PDF icon 1968-081.pdf
1968 82 Submission of a Revised Equipment Utilization Report which Include Equipment... 11/19/1968 MC-1968-082 PDF icon 1968-082.pdf
1968 83 Assistance Called for Upon any Department Bureau, Office, Agency or... 11/28/1968 MC-1968-083 PDF icon 1968-083.pdf
1968 84 The Need for the Proper Channeling and Final Clearance of Statements and/or... 12/04/1968 MC-1968-084 PDF icon 1968-084.pdf
1967 1 Submittal of Report on Laborers Not Rendering Services in Projects 01/03/1967 MC-1967-001
1967 1-A Plans for PACD Communal Projects 01/03/1967 MC-1967-001-A
1967 1-B Approved Contract Amounts for Board, Management, and Field 01/03/1967 MC-1967-001-B PDF icon 1967-001-B.pdf
1967 2 Reports on Duties and Power of Personnel and Other Matters 01/05/1967 MC-1967-002 PDF icon 1967-002.pdf
1967 3 Strict Use of Government Funds 01/09/1967 MC-1967-003 PDF icon 1967-003.pdf
1967 4 Unauthorized Use of Electric Stoves or Other Electrical Appliances by Employees... 01/16/1967 MC-1967-004 PDF icon 1967-004.pdf
1967 4-1 Adjustment of Complaints and Grievances 01/10/1967 MC-1967-004-1
1967 4-A Pre-Audit Classified Positions 01/13/1967 MC-1967-004-A
1967 5 Composition and Delineation of Duties of the Committee on Bids and Awards for... 01/19/1967 MC-1967-005 PDF icon 1967-005.pdf
1967 6 Creation of the Committee on Protested Appointments 01/24/1967 MC-1967-006
1967 7 Seminar on Supervision and the Civil Service Law and Rules 01/25/1967 MC-1967-007
1967 7-A Seminar on Supervision and the Civil Service Law and Rules 01/25/1967 MC-1967-007-A PDF icon 1967-007-A.pdf
1967 8 Routinary Communications, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Routing of... 01/30/1967 MC-1967-008 PDF icon 1967-008.pdf
1967 9 Requirements for the Appointment of Ditchtenders 02/17/1967 MC-1967-009 PDF icon 1967-009.pdf
1967 10 Regulations on the Requisition of Engineering Equipment, Spare Parts,... 02/20/1967 MC-1967-010 PDF icon 1967-010.pdf
1967 11 Purchase of Official Receipts MC-1967-011 PDF icon 1967-011.pdf
1967 12 Allotment to the NIA Personnel a Quota of P2,000 in Connection with the... 01/27/1967 MC-1967-012 PDF icon 1967-012.pdf