Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
1967 4-1 Adjustment of Complaints and Grievances 01/10/1967 MC-1967-004-1
1967 4-A Pre-Audit Classified Positions 01/13/1967 MC-1967-004-A
1967 5 Composition and Delineation of Duties of the Committee on Bids and Awards for... 01/19/1967 MC-1967-005 PDF icon 1967-005.pdf
1967 6 Creation of the Committee on Protested Appointments 01/24/1967 MC-1967-006
1967 7 Seminar on Supervision and the Civil Service Law and Rules 01/25/1967 MC-1967-007
1967 7-A Seminar on Supervision and the Civil Service Law and Rules 01/25/1967 MC-1967-007-A PDF icon 1967-007-A.pdf
1967 8 Routinary Communications, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Routing of... 01/30/1967 MC-1967-008 PDF icon 1967-008.pdf
1967 9 Requirements for the Appointment of Ditchtenders 02/17/1967 MC-1967-009 PDF icon 1967-009.pdf
1967 10 Regulations on the Requisition of Engineering Equipment, Spare Parts,... 02/20/1967 MC-1967-010 PDF icon 1967-010.pdf
1967 11 Purchase of Official Receipts MC-1967-011 PDF icon 1967-011.pdf
1967 12 Allotment to the NIA Personnel a Quota of P2,000 in Connection with the... 01/27/1967 MC-1967-012 PDF icon 1967-012.pdf
1967 13 Performance Rating System of the National Irrigation Administration 05/15/1967 MC-1967-013 PDF icon 1967-013.pdf
1967 14 Presence of Personnel in their Appointed Posts 03/02/1967 MC-1967-014 PDF icon 1967-014.pdf
1967 14-A Automatic Cessation of Employment of Personnel Whose Appointment Specifies... 03/02/1967 MC-1967-014-A PDF icon 1967-014-A.pdf
1967 14-B Submission of Audited Statement of Outstanding Receivables (71-9) as of March... 03/02/1967 MC-1967-014-B PDF icon 1967-014-B.pdf
1967 15 Pictorial Progress Reports of Projects or Systems 03/07/1967 MC-1967-015 PDF icon 1967-015.pdf
1967 16 Change of Information to be Placed in Official Receipts and Recording of... 03/10/1967 MC-1967-016 PDF icon 1967-016.pdf
1967 17 Authority of the Administrative Officer to Sign for the Administrator 03/13/1967 MC-1967-017 PDF icon 1967-017.pdf
1967 18 Organizational Chart and Functions of Each Department, Division. Section, etc. 04/03/1967 MC-1967-018 PDF icon 1967-018.pdf
1967 19 Forms Management in the NIA 04/05/1967 MC-1967-019 PDF icon 1967-019.pdf
1967 20 CSC Memorandum Circular No. 14 03/08/1967 MC-1967-020 PDF icon 1967-020.pdf
1967 21 Creation of the NIA Committee on Cultural Welfare and Education 04/13/1967 MC-1967-021 PDF icon 1967-021.pdf
1967 21-A Applications for Leave of Absence 04/13/1967 MC-1967-021-A PDF icon 1967-021-A.pdf
1967 22 Submission of Monthly Report on Leave of Absences 04/17/1967 MC-1967-022 PDF icon 1967-022.pdf
1967 23 Wearing of Nameplates Within NIA Premises During Office Hours 04/19/1967 MC-1967-023 PDF icon 1967-023.pdf
1967 24-A Delay in Submittal of Reports of Accomplishment on Construction of Projects and... 04/19/1967 MC-1967-024-A PDF icon 1967-024-A.pdf
1967 25 Submission of the List of Monthly Personnel and Other Information Called for... 04/27/1967 MC-1967-025 PDF icon 1967-025.pdf
1967 26 Deadline for Payment of Irrigation Fees Without Penalty 04/27/1967 MC-1967-026 PDF icon 1967-026.pdf
1967 27 Civil Service Officers and Employees can Participate in the Full Public or... 10/20/1967 MC-1967-027