Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
1968 20 Delegation of Authority to Enter into Contracts 03/06/1968 MC-1968-020 PDF icon 1968-020.pdf
1968 21 Submission of Estimated Cost of Right-of-Way, Turnouts and Farmditches 02/22/1968 MC-1968-021
1968 22 Loss of Official Receipts 02/23/1968 MC-1968-022 PDF icon 1968-022.pdf
1968 23 Creation of the Appraisal and Inspection Committee in Field Offices 02/29/1968 MC-1968-023 PDF icon 1968-023.pdf
1968 24 Revised Rules and Regulations Covering the Operation and Maintenance of... 03/01/1968 MC-1968-024 PDF icon 1968-024.pdf
1968 25 Authority to Attend the Fourth National Convention and Conference of Government... 03/05/1968 MC-1968-025 PDF icon 1968-025.pdf
1968 25-A Authority to Attend the Fourth National Convention and Conference of Government... 03/05/1968 MC-1968-025-A PDF icon 1968-025-A.pdf
1968 26 Imposition of Insurance Fund in Friar Lands 03/19/1968 MC-1968-026 PDF icon 1968-026.pdf
1968 27 Supplemental Rules and Regulations on Official Travels of Field Officials 03/19/1968 MC-1968-027 PDF icon 1968-027.pdf
1968 27-A Amendment and Supplement to MC No. 27, s. 1968 04/05/1968 MC-1968-027-A PDF icon 1968-027-A.pdf
1968 28 Manner of Payment of Money Claims Against the National Irrigation Administration 03/26/1968 MC-1968-028 PDF icon 1968-028.pdf
1968 29 Discontinuance of Submission of Equipment Deadline Report (ECC 5) and Equipment... 03/26/1968 MC-1968-029 PDF icon 1968-029.pdf
1968 30 Disciplinary Measures Adopted by the NIA Committee on Discipline, In Compliance... 03/25/1968 MC-1968-030 PDF icon 1968-030.pdf
1968 31 Shipment of Concrete Cylindrical Samples 03/27/1968 MC-1968-031 PDF icon 1968-031.pdf
1968 32 Creation of Auction Committees and Prescribing Guidelines in the Disposal of... 03/14/1968 MC-1968-032 PDF icon 1968-032.pdf
1968 33 Memorandum Circular No. 163 from the Office of the President 03/26/1968 MC-1968-033 PDF icon 1968-033.pdf
1968 34 Submission of a Photograph (Passport size) for Appointment Proposals (To be... 03/27/1968 MC-1968-034 PDF icon 1968-034.pdf
1968 35 Creation of an Ad Hoc Committee on Reports Simplification in the NIA 03/29/1968 MC-1968-035 PDF icon 1968-035.pdf
1968 36 Creating Provincial Development Committees 03/29/1968 MC-1968-036 PDF icon 1968-036.pdf
1968 37 Sanctions on Illegal Employment of Non-Eligibles 03/29/1968 MC-1968-037 PDF icon 1968-037.pdf
1968 38 Memorandum Circular No. 172 from the Office of the President Directing Strict... 04/05/1968 MC-1968-038 PDF icon 1968-038.pdf
1968 39 Courtesy to the Philippine Flag 01/26/1968 MC-1968-039 PDF icon 1968-039.pdf
1968 40 Memorandum from the Office of the Secretary, Department of Public Works and... 04/19/1968 MC-1968-040 PDF icon 1968-040.pdf
1968 41 Delegation of Authority to Approve Appointment of Casual Laborers for a Period... 04/23/1968 MC-1968-041 PDF icon 1968-041.pdf
1968 42 Rules and Regulations and Revised Rental Rates of NIA Construction Equipment... 04/19/1968 MC-1968-042 PDF icon 1968-042.pdf
1968 43 Prohibiting the Detail of National Government Personnel from the Provinces to... 04/24/1968 MC-1968-043 PDF icon 1968-043.pdf
1968 44 Office Hours During Month of May 04/25/1968 MC-1968-044 PDF icon 1968-044.pdf
1968 45 NIA Functions are Governmental in Nature 04/29/1968 MC-1968-045 PDF icon 1968-045.pdf
1968 46 Proper Identification and Use of Government Vehicles 05/06/1968 MC-1968-046 PDF icon 1968-046.pdf