Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
1967 69 Delegation of Recommendatory Powers of Regional Irrigation Engineers 10/10/1967 MC-1967-069 PDF icon 1967-069.pdf
1967 70 Submission of Updated Listing of Items of Work 10/10/1967 MC-1967-070 PDF icon 1967-070.pdf
1967 71 Payment of Terminal Leaves and Death Compensation MC-1967-071 PDF icon 1967-071.pdf
1967 72 Computation of Daily Rates for the Implementation of BC # 192 10/27/1967 MC-1967-072 PDF icon 1967-072.pdf
1967 73 General Circular No.102 of the General Auditing Office re: Use of the Project... 10/30/1967 MC-1967-073 PDF icon 1967-073.pdf
1967 74 Transmittal of Records of Administrative Cases to the CSC Through the NIA... 10/31/1967 MC-1967-074 PDF icon 1967-074.pdf
1967 75 Objectivity in Rating Performance of Employees 11/02/1967 MC-1967-075 PDF icon 1967-075.pdf
1967 76 Monthly Report of Supplies and Materials Received and Issued 11/23/1967 MC-1967-076 PDF icon 1967-076.pdf
1967 77 Submission of List of Personnel on Monthly Basis 11/29/1967 MC-1967-077 PDF icon 1967-077.pdf
1967 78 Construction of Government Building 11/27/1967 MC-1967-078 PDF icon 1967-078.pdf
1967 79 Creation of the Financial Policy Committee 12/05/1967 MC-1967-079 PDF icon 1967-079.pdf
1967 80 Issues of Supplies and Materials for Immediate Use in Operation and of Equipment 12/01/1967 MC-1967-080 PDF icon 1967-080.pdf
1967 81 Controversion and Non-Controversion of Workmen's Compensation Claims 12/08/1967 MC-1967-081 PDF icon 1967-081.pdf
1967 82 Recording of Properties Brought In or Taken Out of the NIA Offices and Compound 12/13/1967 MC-1967-082 PDF icon 1967-082.pdf
1967 83 Executive Order No. 103 12/14/1967 MC-1967-083 PDF icon 1967-083.pdf
1967 84 Intervention in Water Rights Applications 12/21/1967 MC-1967-084 PDF icon 1967-084.pdf
1967 85 Civil Service Memorandum Circular # 30 on Acceptance of Promotions Resulting in... 12/29/1967 MC-1967-085 PDF icon 1967-085.pdf