Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
1968 40 Memorandum from the Office of the Secretary, Department of Public Works and... 04/19/1968 MC-1968-040 PDF icon 1968-040.pdf
1968 41 Delegation of Authority to Approve Appointment of Casual Laborers for a Period... 04/23/1968 MC-1968-041 PDF icon 1968-041.pdf
1968 42 Rules and Regulations and Revised Rental Rates of NIA Construction Equipment... 04/19/1968 MC-1968-042 PDF icon 1968-042.pdf
1968 43 Prohibiting the Detail of National Government Personnel from the Provinces to... 04/24/1968 MC-1968-043 PDF icon 1968-043.pdf
1968 44 Office Hours During Month of May 04/25/1968 MC-1968-044 PDF icon 1968-044.pdf
1968 45 NIA Functions are Governmental in Nature 04/29/1968 MC-1968-045 PDF icon 1968-045.pdf
1968 46 Proper Identification and Use of Government Vehicles 05/06/1968 MC-1968-046 PDF icon 1968-046.pdf
1968 47 Prescribing the Procedure for the Creation, Operation, and Maintenance of an... 05/13/1968 MC-1968-047 PDF icon 1968-047.pdf
1968 48 Application for Retirement 05/17/1968 MC-1968-048 PDF icon 1968-048.pdf
1968 49 Submission of Audited Statement of Outstanding Receivables (71-9) as of April... 05/29/1968 MC-1968-049 PDF icon 1968-049.pdf
1968 50 Changing Certain Account Codes Heretofore Used to Record Particular Types of... 06/08/1968 MC-1968-050 PDF icon 1968-050.pdf
1968 51 Incentives & Awards Program for Collectors of Irrigation Fees 05/28/1968 MC-1968-051 PDF icon 1968-051.pdf
1968 52 No copy available MC-1968-052
1968 53 No copy available MC-1968-053
1968 54 Physical Inventory of NIA Property as of June 30, 1968 06/19/1968 MC-1968-054 PDF icon 1968-054.pdf
1968 55 Submission of Lists of Officials and Employees Who Failed to File Their Income... 06/25/1968 MC-1968-055 PDF icon 1968-055.pdf
1968 56 CSC MC on Deferment of Performance Rating 05/28/1968 MC-1968-056 PDF icon 1968-056.pdf
1968 57 Submission of List of Government Employee Landowners Who Are Delinquent in the... 07/03/1968 MC-1968-057 PDF icon 1968-057.pdf
1968 58 Employment in Public Works Construction Projects 07/15/1968 MC-1968-058 PDF icon 1968-058.pdf
1968 59 Prohibiting the use of "Vales", IOUs Chits or other Forms of... 07/15/1968 MC-1968-059 PDF icon 1968-059.pdf
1968 60 Withholding of Salaries and Wages by Designated Cashiers of Government... 07/17/1968 MC-1968-060 PDF icon 1968-060.pdf
1968 61 Submission of Nominations for Honorary Awards 07/18/1968 MC-1968-061 PDF icon 1968-061.pdf
1968 62 Guidelines in the Preparation of Daily Appointments 06/10/1968 MC-1968-062 PDF icon 1968-062.pdf
1968 63 MC No. 195 from the Office of the President Supplementing MC No. 55, s. 1968 of... 07/15/1968 MC-1968-063 PDF icon 1968-063.pdf
1968 64 Prevention of Forgeries, Tampering with and Guarantee of Genuineness of... 07/31/1968 MC-1968-064 PDF icon 1968-064.pdf
1968 65 Designation of Highway Division Engineers as Regional Project Coordinators 07/24/1968 MC-1968-065 PDF icon 1968-065.pdf
1968 66 Institution of "One Appeal Plan" 07/29/1968 MC-1968-066 PDF icon 1968-066.pdf
1968 67 Mechanics of Acceptance of Shipment of Construction Materials and Others 08/05/1968 MC-1968-067 PDF icon 1968-067.pdf
1968 68 Participation of the NIA in the 20th Educational and Fund Campaign of the... 08/06/1968 MC-1968-068 PDF icon 1968-068.pdf