Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
2016 63 Strict Prohibition against going to Gambling Casinos 11/23/2016 MC-2016-063 PDF icon 2016-063.pdf
2016 64 Revised Guidelines in the Preparation of Programs of Work, Approved Budget for... 11/24/2016 MC-2016-064 PDF icon 2016-064.pdf
2016 65 Implementation of Article III of LRA Circular No. 02 - 2016 - Program for the... 11/25/2016 MC-2016-065 PDF icon 2016-065.pdf
2016 66 Designation of the Cabinet Secretary as Acting Chairperson of the National... 11/25/2016 MC-2016-066 PDF icon 2016-066.pdf
2016 67 Guidelines in the Implementation of the 3-Strike Policy in Procurement of... 11/29/2016 MC-2016-067 PDF icon 2016-067.pdf
2016 68 Policies and Guidelines in Formulating and Implementing a Comprehensive Drug-... 12/06/2016 MC-2016-068 PDF icon 2016-068.pdf
2016 69 Amendment to Membership of NIA-Organizational Performance Management Team (OPMT... 12/08/2016 MC-2016-069 PDF icon 2016-069.pdf
2016 70 Guidelines for Project Proposals for ICC Review and Approval: Availment of... 12/08/2016 MC-2016-070 PDF icon 2016-070.pdf
2015 1 Filing and submission of Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN)... 01/09/2015 MC-2015-001 PDF icon 2015-001.pdf
2015 2 Subprojects/recipients of service vehicles procured through NISRIP 01/10/2015 MC-2015-002 PDF icon 2015-002.pdf
2015 3 Amendment to item 1.C of annex "A" of mc no. 42, s. 2010 01/12/2015 MC-2015-003 PDF icon 2015-003.pdf
2015 4 Reconstitution of the BIDS and awards committee-A 01/29/2015 MC-2015-004 PDF icon 2015-004.pdf
2015 5 Amendment to NIA MC No. 1,S.2015 RE: Filing and submission of the Statement of... 02/23/2015 MC-2015-005 PDF icon 2015-005.pdf
2015 6 Proper/correct procedures in the operation of gates 02/02/2015 MC-2015-006 PDF icon 2015-006.pdf
2015 7 Grant of Productivity Incentive benefit for CY 2014 02/06/2015 MC-2015-007 PDF icon 2015-007.pdf
2015 8 Guidelines for the grant of additional collective negotiation agreement (CNA)... 03/10/2015 MC-2015-008 PDF icon 2015-008.pdf
2015 9 Amendment to CSC memorandum circular no. 2 s. 2013 [revised statement of assets... 03/17/2015 MC-2015-009 PDF icon 2015-009.pdf
2015 10 Creation of a screening committee for the approval of feasibility study reports. 03/15/2015 MC-2015-010 PDF icon 2015-010.pdf
2015 11 Amendment to the modified incentive policy in the payment of back accounts in... 03/19/2015 MC-2015-011 PDF icon 2015-011.pdf
2015 12 Revision of definition of terms on irrigation and drainage as defined in MC # 6... 03/20/2015 MC-2015-012 PDF icon 2015-012.pdf
2015 13 Reconstitution of NIA-Central office personnel selection board (CO-PSB)... 02/25/2015 MC-2015-013 PDF icon 2015-013.pdf
2015 14 Inventory of real properties acquired or disposed by NIA from the period... 03/31/2015 MC-2015-014 PDF icon 2015-014.pdf
2015 15 Creation of technical working group in validating right of way claims. 04/06/2015 MC-2015-015 PDF icon 2015-015.pdf
2015 16 NIA manual and implementing guidelines on the use and installation of... 04/07/2015 MC-2015-016 PDF icon 2015-016.pdf
2015 17 Creation of Technical working group for NIAConsult, INC. (NIACI) 04/13/2015 MC-2015-017 PDF icon 2015-017.pdf
2015 18 Security Consciousness 04/20/2015 MC-2015-018 PDF icon 2015-018.pdf
2015 19 Republic Act No. 10659 02/20/2015 MC-2015-019 PDF icon 2015-019.pdf
2015 20 GPPB issuances on mixed procurement 04/21/2015 MC-2015-020 PDF icon 2015-020.pdf
2015 21 Advance submission of reports,documents and other papers to the office of the... 04/22/2015 MC-2015-021 PDF icon 2015-021.pdf