Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subjectsort descending Date Signed Link File
2016 17 Addendum/erratum to office memorandum no. 4, s. 2016 Re Reconstitution of the... 03/23/2016 MC-2016-017 PDF icon 2016-017.pdf
2016 28 Additional amendment to MC 54 S. 2013 05/19/2016 MC-2016-028 PDF icon 2016-028.pdf
1986 6-A Additional Attachment to MC # 6, s. 1986 02/10/1986 MC-1986-006-A PDF icon 1986-006-A.pdf
1976 6 Additional Authorities and Responsibilities Delegated to Heads of Departments,... 02/04/1976 MC-1976-006 PDF icon 1976-006.pdf
1973 16 Additional Authority and Responsibility Delegated to the Assistant... 03/09/1973 MC-1973-016 PDF icon 1973-016.pdf
1978 55 Additional Authority Delegated to Assistant Administrator for Project... 09/05/1978 MC-1978-055 PDF icon 1978-055.pdf
1978 25 Additional Authority Delegated to Officials Below the Assistant Administrators... 05/23/1978 MC-1978-025 PDF icon 1978-025.pdf
1980 25-A Additional Authority Delegated to Project Managers 09/18/1980 MC-1980-025-A PDF icon 1980-025-A.pdf
1974 29 Additional Authority Delegated to the Assistant Administrator for Finance... 05/31/1974 MC-1974-029 PDF icon 1974-029.pdf
1979 97 Additional Authority Delegated to the Assistant Administrator for Project... 11/26/1979 MC-1979-097 PDF icon 1979-097.pdf
1977 15 Additional Authority Delegated to the Asst. Administrator for Special Projects 03/21/1977 MC-1977-015 PDF icon 1977-015.pdf
1977 22-A Additional Authority of Regional Irrigation Directors and Project Managers to... 07/29/1977 MC-1977-022-A PDF icon 1977-022-A.pdf
1978 42 Additional Authority to Sign Contracts Delegated to the Three Assistant... 06/29/1978 MC-1978-042 PDF icon 1978-042.pdf
1980 80 Additional Cost of Living Allowance 09/17/1980 MC-1980-080 PDF icon 1980-080.pdf
1997 12 Additional Coverage in the Grant of Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA) 04/28/1997 MC-1997-012 PDF icon 1997-012.pdf
1991 35 Additional Delegated Authorities 04/24/1991 MC-1991-035 PDF icon 1991-035.pdf
1974 18 Additional Delegated Authorities and Responsibilities to Upper Level of... 03/12/1974 MC-1974-018 PDF icon 1974-018.pdf
1975 9-D Additional Delegation of Authorities and Responsibilities to Assistant... MC-1975-009-D PDF icon 1975-009-D.pdf
1983 5-A Additional Guidelines and Accounting Procedures for the Full Implementation of... 08/09/1983 MC-1983-005-A PDF icon 1983-005-A.pdf
1982 5-A Additional Guidelines and Accounting Procedures for the Full Implementation of... MC-1982-005-A
1989 012 Additional Guidelines and Instructions on Payment and Settlement of... 03/15/1989 MC-1989-012 PDF icon 1989-012.pdf
1978 80 Additional Guidelines for the 2nd Year Implementation of the Paglilingkod:... 12/19/1978 MC-1978-080 PDF icon 1978-080.pdf
2006 59 Additional Guidelines on Institutional Development Funds 12/21/2006 MC-2006-059 PDF icon 2006-059.pdf
2018 77 Additional Guidelines on the Availment of Rehabilitation Leave 08/14/2018 MC-2018-077 PDF icon 2018_077.pdf
1990 81 Additional Guidelines on the Exclusive Printing Jurisdiction of the National... 11/13/1990 MC-1990-081 PDF icon 1990-081.pdf
1979 42 Additional Guidelines on the Operation of Boards 06/29/1979 MC-1979-042 PDF icon 1979-042.pdf
1974 10-B Additional Information on the Submission of Assets, Liabilities & Net Worth... MC-1974-010-B PDF icon 1974-010-B.pdf
1974 14 Additional Information Required of Officials and Employees Recommended for... 01/14/1974 MC-1974-014 PDF icon 1974-014.pdf
2010 40-A Additional member of the committee on rehabilitation leave (CRL) 07/22/2010 MC-2010-040-A PDF icon 2010-040-A.pdf