Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
2015 26 Public private partnership (PPP) policy circulars 05/04/2015 MC-2015-026 PDF icon 2015-026.pdf
2015 27 Grant of the Year-End bonus and cash gift for CY 2015 and years thereafter 05/06/2015 MC-2015-027 PDF icon 2015-027.pdf
2015 28 Grant of Authority for the renewal of NIA firearms licenses 05/07/2015 MC-2015-028 PDF icon 2015-028.pdf
2015 29 Guidelines on the grant of cash equivalent to rice and transportation subsidy... 05/29/2015 MC-2015-029 PDF icon 2015-029.pdf
2015 30 Reiteration of the guidelines on contract procurement 06/01/2015 MC-2015-030 PDF icon 2015-030.pdf
2015 31 Office of the President memorandum circular (MC) no. 76, dated 15 April 2015 06/01/2015 MC-2015-031 PDF icon 2015-031.pdf
2015 32 52nd NIA Anniversary celebration 2015 06/01/2015 MC-2015-032 PDF icon 2015-032.pdf
2015 33 Application of Bio-Engineering materials made of coconut fibers for erosion... 06/03/2015 MC-2015-033 PDF icon 2015-033.pdf
2015 34 Reconstitution of the bids and awards committee - B (BAC-B), Technical working... 06/08/2015 MC-2015-034 PDF icon 2015-034.pdf
2015 35 Prohibition on notarization of contracts,agreements legal instruments and other... 06/10/2015 MC-2015-035 PDF icon 2015-035.pdf
2015 36 Guidelines in the grant of uniform/clothing allowance for FY 2015 06/19/2015 MC-2015-036 PDF icon 2015-036.pdf
2015 37 Guidelines on the Grant of Loyalty Award for CY 2015 06/26/2015 MC-2015-037 PDF icon 2015-037.pdf
2015 38 Joint circular No. 01, S. 2015 of the civil service commision and department of... 07/07/2015 MC-2015-038 PDF icon 2015-038.pdf
2015 39 Revised guidelines in the preparation of programs of work,approved budget for... 07/08/2015 MC-2015-039 PDF icon 2015-039.pdf
2015 40 Policy guidelines in the awarding of lots in all NIA residential subdivision... 07/08/2015 MC-2015-040 PDF icon 2015-040.pdf
2015 41 Comelec resolution No. 9972 promulgated on June 10, 2015 entitled deputation of... 07/13/2015 MC-2015-041 PDF icon 2015-041.pdf
2015 42 Reconstitution of technical working group for NIACONSULT, INC 07/13/2015 MC-2015-042 PDF icon 2015-042.pdf
2015 43 Inventory and valuation of NIA-OWNED real property and other tangible property 07/14/2015 MC-2015-043 PDF icon 2015-043.pdf
2015 44 Creation of inter-agency project coordinating committee for balog-balog... 07/14/2015 MC-2015-044 PDF icon 2015-044.pdf
2015 45 Reconstitution of the Bids and Awards Committee-A (BAC-A), Technical working... 08/13/2015 MC-2015-045 PDF icon 2015-045.pdf
2015 46 Amendment to MC. 13, s. 2015 Re: Reconstitution of NIA-Central office personnel... 08/03/2015 MC-2015-046 PDF icon 2015-046.pdf
2015 47 Amendments to the implementing guidelines for the Balikatan Sagip Patubig... 08/13/2015 MC-2015-047 PDF icon 2015-047.pdf
2015 48 Prohibition on placing of names,pictures and faces of persons of groups in... 08/10/2015 MC-2015-048 PDF icon 2015-048.pdf
2015 49 Guidelines in the Realignment of Funds under the FY 2015 General Appropriations... 08/18/2015 MC-2015-049 PDF icon 2015-049.pdf
2015 50 Guidelines for the grant of additional collective negotiation agreement (CNA)... 08/28/2015 MC-2015-050 PDF icon 2015-050.pdf
2015 51 Policy and implemetating guidelines in the establishment of the patubigayan... 09/23/2015 MC-2015-051 PDF icon 2015-051.pdf
2015 52 Creation of Task Force Calamity and the guidelines on the reporting of calamity... 09/08/2015 MC-2015-052 PDF icon 2015-052.pdf
2015 53 Executive Order No. 181 Implementation of the provision of the grant of the FY... 09/29/2015 MC-2015-053 PDF icon 2015-053.pdf
2015 54 Calendar of activities and period of certain prohibited acts in connection with... 10/01/2015 MC-2015-054 PDF icon 2015-054.pdf