Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No.sort ascending Subject Date Signed Link File
1978 80 Additional Guidelines for the 2nd Year Implementation of the Paglilingkod:... 12/19/1978 MC-1978-080 PDF icon 1978-080.pdf
1975 80 Remittance of Medicare and State Insurance Contributions 11/14/1975 MC-1975-080 PDF icon 1975-080.pdf
1990 80 Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System 11/09/1990 MC-1990-080 PDF icon 1990-080.pdf
1973 80 Further Regulating the Use of Government Motor Vehicles, Including Hired... 11/16/1973 MC-1973-080 PDF icon 1973-080.pdf
1967 80 Issues of Supplies and Materials for Immediate Use in Operation and of Equipment 12/01/1967 MC-1967-080 PDF icon 1967-080.pdf
1968 80 MC-1968-080
2017 80 Guidelines on Derecognition/Revaluation of National Irrigation System &... 10/23/2017 MC-2017-080 PDF icon 2017_080.pdf
1993 80 P254 Million Capital Outlay Allocation for Rehabilitation of Irrigation... 11/29/1993 MC-1993-080 PDF icon 1993-080.pdf
1986 8-A Amendment and Supplemental Guideline to MC # 8, s. 1986 Revised Accounting... MC-1986-008-A PDF icon 1986-008-A.pdf
2014 8-A Clarificatory guidelines to memorandum circular NO. 8, s. 2014 "Guidelines... 04/24/2014 MC-2014-008-A PDF icon 2014-008-A.pdf
1985 8-A Amendment of MC # 8, series 1985 re: Delegated Authorities MC-1985-008-A PDF icon 1985-008-A.pdf
1996 8 Guidelines for Filing of Assets and Liabilities per MC No. 95-13 dated June 15... 04/24/1996 MC-1996-008 PDF icon 1996-008.pdf
1999 8 Extension of the Program Duration for the "Spirit of 100 Pesos Pamaskong... 03/22/1999 MC-1999-008 PDF icon 1999-008.pdf
1994 8 Reiteration of Directives for Closer Coordination among DA Offices and... 02/07/1994 MC-1994-008 PDF icon 1994-008.pdf
2015 8 Guidelines for the grant of additional collective negotiation agreement (CNA)... 03/10/2015 MC-2015-008 PDF icon 2015-008.pdf
2013 8 Comelec Resolutions 02/15/2013 MC-2013-008 PDF icon 2013-008.PDF
1975 8 Consultation with Barangays Concerned in the Planning and Implementation of... 02/03/1975 MC-1975-008 PDF icon 1975-008.pdf
2002 8 Guidelines on System Management Committee (SMC) Functionality Assessment 01/24/2002 MC-2002-008 PDF icon 2002-008.pdf
1974 8 Quarterly Summary of Collections and Remittances and Summary of Cash Advances... 01/18/1974 MC-1974-008 PDF icon 1974-008.pdf
1981 8 Amending Revised Incentive Bonus Plan for Irrigation Service Fee Collection 03/19/1981 MC-1981-008 PDF icon 1981-008.pdf
2016 8 Guidelines in the grant of the uniform/clothing allowance for CY 2016 02/12/2016 MC-2016-008 PDF icon 2016-008.pdf
1984 8 Training Policies to Achieve on Integrated, Unified and Well-Coordinated Human... 04/03/1984 MC-1984-008 PDF icon 1984-008.pdf
1969 8 Transfer of Used Tires with Sizes From 8.25 and Up, without Cost, to the Bureau... MC-1969-008 PDF icon 1969-008.pdf
2008 8 Guidelines to Enhance Implementation Efficiency of ODA-Funded Irrigation... 01/23/2008 MC-2008-008 PDF icon 2008-008.pdf
1967 8 Routinary Communications, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Routing of... 01/30/1967 MC-1967-008 PDF icon 1967-008.pdf
1983 8 Guidelines in the Submission of Reports of Inspection (RI) to the NIA Central... 03/14/1983 MC-1983-008 PDF icon 1983-008.pdf
1971 8 Amendment of MC No. 28-68 to Increase: Petty Cash Revolving Fund up to P490.00... 02/09/1971 MC-1971-008 PDF icon 1971-008.pdf
2014 8 Guidelines in the grant of uniform/clothing allowance for CY 2014 02/28/2014 MC-2014-008 PDF icon 2014-008.pdf
2009 8 Amendment to MC No. 57, s. 2007 Reconstituting the Integrity Development... 02/23/2009 MC-2009-008 PDF icon 2009-008.pdf