Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No.sort ascending Subject Date Signed Link File
1989 81 Strict Implementation of Rental Rates for the Use and/or Lease of NIA... 12/12/1989 MC-1989-081 PDF icon 1989-081.pdf
1973 80-A Authorized Exemptions Under the Instructions Regulating the Use of Government... 11/23/1973 MC-1973-080-A PDF icon 1973-080-A.pdf
1968 80 MC-1968-080
1979 80 Instructions, Guidelines and Procedures for Accounting/Controlling Cash... 10/12/1979 MC-1979-080 PDF icon 1979-080.pdf
1973 80 Further Regulating the Use of Government Motor Vehicles, Including Hired... 11/16/1973 MC-1973-080 PDF icon 1973-080.pdf
2005 80 Supplemental Guidelines to MC No. 70, s. 2003 in Compliance with COA Circular... 10/12/2005 MC-2005-080 PDF icon 2005-080.pdf
1991 80 Certificate of Ownership of Pump Units 12/09/1991 MC-1991-080 PDF icon 1991-080.pdf
1972 80 Schedule of Bonds Executed from the Fidelity Fund as Prescribed by the Auditor... 12/11/1972 MC-1972-080 PDF icon 1972-080.pdf
1975 80 Remittance of Medicare and State Insurance Contributions 11/14/1975 MC-1975-080 PDF icon 1975-080.pdf
1967 80 Issues of Supplies and Materials for Immediate Use in Operation and of Equipment 12/01/1967 MC-1967-080 PDF icon 1967-080.pdf
2018 80 Submission and Updating of Desk and Operations Manual 08/28/2018 MC-2018-080 PDF icon 2018_080.pdf
1993 80 P254 Million Capital Outlay Allocation for Rehabilitation of Irrigation... 11/29/1993 MC-1993-080 PDF icon 1993-080.pdf
2017 80 Guidelines on Derecognition/Revaluation of National Irrigation System &... 10/23/2017 MC-2017-080 PDF icon 2017_080.pdf
2019 80 Policy Guidelines in NIA Human Resources Training and Development Program (... 10/10/2019 MC-2019-080 PDF icon 2019_080.pdf
2007 80 Submission of Monthly Procurement Report MC-2007-080 PDF icon 2007-080.pdf
2020 80 Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) Resolution No. 11-2020 Re: Approving... 06/05/2020 MC-2020-080 PDF icon 2020_080.pdf
1990 80 Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System 11/09/1990 MC-1990-080 PDF icon 1990-080.pdf
1980 80 Additional Cost of Living Allowance 09/17/1980 MC-1980-080 PDF icon 1980-080.pdf
1978 80 Additional Guidelines for the 2nd Year Implementation of the Paglilingkod:... 12/19/1978 MC-1978-080 PDF icon 1978-080.pdf
1989 80 Additional Prequalifications, Bids and Awards Committee (PBAC) for Procurement... MC-1989-080 PDF icon 1989-080.pdf
1986 8-A Amendment and Supplemental Guideline to MC # 8, s. 1986 Revised Accounting... MC-1986-008-A PDF icon 1986-008-A.pdf
1985 8-A Amendment of MC # 8, series 1985 re: Delegated Authorities MC-1985-008-A PDF icon 1985-008-A.pdf
2014 8-A Clarificatory guidelines to memorandum circular NO. 8, s. 2014 "Guidelines... 04/24/2014 MC-2014-008-A PDF icon 2014-008-A.pdf
1973 8 Submittal of Special Reports and/or Papers Required by the Administrator 02/02/1973 MC-1973-008 PDF icon 1973-008.pdf
2004 8 Reconstitution of NIA Committee on Discipline (COD) 03/18/2004 MC-2004-008 PDF icon 2004-008.pdf
1993 8 Revised Guidelines in the Establishment and Utilization of the "Revolving... 02/01/1993 MC-1993-008 PDF icon 1993-008.pdf
1972 8 Acknowledgement by Cashiers/Collecting Officers of Sub-Collectors'... 01/10/1972 MC-1972-008 PDF icon 1972-008.pdf
2019 8 Grant of Uniform Allowance for Calendar Year (CY) 2019 02/06/2019 MC-2019-008 PDF icon 2019_008.pdf
1976 8 Procedures in Presenting Complaints Pursuant to Presidential Memorandum... MC-1976-008 PDF icon 1976-008.pdf