Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
2014 25 Creation of technical working group for the NIA strategic performance... 06/30/2014 MC-2014-025 PDF icon 2014-025.pdf
2014 26 Policy on the computation of salaries of employees on leave without pay 07/24/2014 MC-2014-026 PDF icon 2014-026.pdf
2014 27 Commission on Audit (COA) and department of budget and management (DBM) joint... 07/28/2014 MC-2014-027 PDF icon 2014-027.pdf
2014 28 Reconstitution of the Bids and awards committees (BACs) A & B, Technical... 07/28/2014 MC-2014-028 PDF icon 2014-028.pdf
2014 29 Commission on Audit (COA) and Department of Budget and Management (DBM) joint... 08/04/2014 MC-2014-029 PDF icon 2014-029.pdf
2014 30 Guidelines on the hiring of daily and Job Order personnel 08/05/2014 MC-2014-030 PDF icon 2014-030.pdf
2014 31 Request for bidding format for civil works contracts 08/05/2014 MC-2014-031 PDF icon 2014-031.pdf
2014 32 Non-participation in the procurement of civil works of contractors with at... 08/08/2014 MC-2014-032 PDF icon 2014-032.pdf
2014 33 Replacement of Engr. Efren S. Roqueza as regular member of BIDS and awards... 08/18/2014 MC-2014-033 PDF icon 2014-033.pdf
2014 34 Reconstitution of membership of NIA personnel development committee (PDC) 08/22/2014 MC-2014-034 PDF icon 2014-034.pdf
2014 35 Compulsory use of new official e-mail addresses at the national irrigation... 09/04/2014 MC-2014-035 PDF icon 2014-035.pdf
2014 36 Revised delegation of authorities to NIA Officials 09/03/2014 MC-2014-036 PDF icon 2014-036.pdf
2014 37 Approval of sub-contracting agreements in NIA Projects 09/16/2014 MC-2014-037 PDF icon 2014-037.pdf
2014 38 NIA Standard title block for adoption on detailed design plan/drawings prepared... 09/19/2014 MC-2014-038 PDF icon 2014-038.pdf
2014 39 Reconstitution of the Bids and awards Committee-A 09/29/2014 MC-2014-039 PDF icon 2014-039.pdf
2014 40 Commission on Audit (COA) circular No. 2014-003 dated April 15, 2014 09/30/2014 MC-2014-040 PDF icon 2014-040.pdf
2014 41 GPPB issuances and amendments on the revised implementing rules and regulations... 10/06/2014 MC-2014-041 PDF icon 2014-041.pdf
2014 42 COA Circular No. 2012-001 dated june 14, 2012 prescribing the revised... 10/06/2014 MC-2014-042 PDF icon 2014-042.pdf
2014 43 Creation of special investigation panel 10/09/2014 MC-2014-043 PDF icon 2014-043.pdf
2014 44 Dissemination of CSC-MC No. 14, series of 2014 10/23/2014 MC-2014-044 PDF icon 2014-044.pdf
2014 45 Reiteration of memorandum circular no. 46, s. 2013 "Guidelines for NIA... 10/27/2014 MC-2014-045 PDF icon 2014-045.pdf
2014 46 Memorandum circular No. 05, series of 2012 of the office of the ombudsman 11/05/2014 MC-2014-046 PDF icon 2014-046.pdf
2014 47 Revised guidelines on proposed retainership agreements 11/11/2014 MC-2014-047 PDF icon 2014-047.pdf
2014 48 Installation/construction of steel gates in national irrigation systems (NIA) 11/12/2014 MC-2014-048 PDF icon 2014-048.pdf
2014 49 Requirements on posting of Geo-Tagging/Geo-Mapping of irrigation projects/... 11/13/2014 MC-2014-049 PDF icon 2014-049.pdf
2014 50 Revised NIA standard title block for adoption on detalied design plans/drawings... 11/13/2014 MC-2014-050 PDF icon 2014-050.pdf
2014 51 Executive Order No. 173 entitled reduction and condonation of the real property... 11/25/2014 MC-2014-051 PDF icon 2014-051.pdf
2014 52 Prohibiting the use of special power of attorney in the procurement of NIA... 12/01/2014 MC-2014-052 PDF icon 2014-052.pdf
2014 53 Regulating the release of water from NIA Dams for Hydropower and other purposes 12/01/2014 MC-2014-053 PDF icon 2014-053.pdf