Memorandum Circulars

Series MC No. Subject Date Signed Link File
2017 78 GCG MC No. 2017-3. "Implementing Rules and Regulations of Executive Order... 10/18/2017 MC-2017-078 PDF icon 2017_078.pdf
2017 79 Revised Pro-Forma Retainership Agreement 10/20/2017 MC-2017-079 PDF icon 2017_079.pdf
2017 80 Guidelines on Derecognition/Revaluation of National Irrigation System &... 10/23/2017 MC-2017-080 PDF icon 2017_080.pdf
2017 81 Guidelines and procedures on the write-off of dormant receivables accounts,... 10/20/2017 MC-2017-081 PDF icon 2017_081.pdf
2017 82 Involvement of NIA Design and Specifications Engineers, Consultants and other... 10/23/2017 MC-2017-082 PDF icon 2017_082.pdf
2017 83 Reiteration on the Implementation of NIA Manual and Guidelines on the Use and... 10/30/2017 MC-2017-083 PDF icon 2017_083.pdf
2017 84 Reconstitution of the NIA-Organizational Performance Management Team (OPMT) and... 11/07/2017 MC-2017-084 PDF icon 2017_084.pdf
2017 85 Processing of Contractor's Request for Suspension of Work and Extension of... 11/09/2017 MC-2017-085 PDF icon 2017_085.pdf
2017 86 Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) Memorandum Circular No. 2017-03,... 12/07/2017 MC-2017-086 PDF icon 2017_086.pdf
2017 87 Transfer of Heavy and Light Equipment (Service Vehicles and Others) Procured in... 12/11/2017 MC-2017-087 PDF icon 2017_087.pdf
2017 88 Submission of PPMP, APP-CSE and APP for CY 2019 and Succeeding Years 12/13/2017 MC-2017-088 PDF icon 2017_088.pdf
2017 89 Grant of Productivity Enhancement Incentive PEI 12/13/2017 MC-2017-089 PDF icon 2017_089.pdf
2017 90 Addendum to Revised Delegation of Authorities to NIA Officials (Administrative... 12/14/2017 MC-2017-090 PDF icon 2017_090.pdf
2017 91 NIA Standard Process and Procedure for the Preparation and Conduct of Detailed... 12/20/2017 MC-2017-091 PDF icon 2017_091.pdf
2017 92 Reconstitution of technical Working Group for NIACONSULT, Inc. 12/27/2017 MC-2017-092 PDF icon 2017_092.pdf
2017 93 Reconstitution of Steering Committee and Technical Working Group for Geotagging... 01/09/2018 MC-2017-093 PDF icon 2017_093.pdf
2016 1 GSIS Memorandum Circular No. 003, Series 2015 01/20/2016 MC-2016-001 PDF icon 2016-001.pdf
2016 2 Memorandum Circular no. 02, S. 2016 of the Civil Service Commission 01/25/2016 MC-2016-002 PDF icon 2016-002.pdf
2016 3 Cutoff of report content and deadline of report submission 02/01/2016 MC-2016-003 PDF icon 2016-003.pdf
2016 4 Filing and submission of revised statement of assets,liabilities and networth (... 02/03/2016 MC-2016-004 PDF icon 2016-004.pdf
2016 5 Memorandum circular No. 89 of the office of the President (OP) of the... 02/09/2016 MC-2016-005 PDF icon 2016-005.pdf
2016 6 Approved memorandum of agreement by and between NIA and LRA 02/10/2016 MC-2016-006 PDF icon 2016-006.pdf
2016 7 Reconstitution of the BIDS and Awards Committee-B (BAC-B) and secretariat at... 02/11/2016 MC-2016-007 PDF icon 2016-007.pdf
2016 8 Guidelines in the grant of the uniform/clothing allowance for CY 2016 02/12/2016 MC-2016-008 PDF icon 2016-008.pdf
2016 9 Submission of PPMP and APP for CY 2017 and supplemental, PPMP and APP for CY... 02/12/2016 MC-2016-009 PDF icon 2016-009.pdf
2016 10 Re: MC No. 01, S. 2016, Ämendment to section 20 of the omnibus rules on leave... 02/22/2016 MC-2016-010 PDF icon 2016-010.pdf
2016 11 Irrigation service fee (ISF) rates for irrigation pumps drawing water from... 02/15/2016 MC-2016-011 PDF icon 2016-011.pdf
2016 12 Guidelines in the ranking and distribution of the 2015 interim performance-... 03/03/2016 MC-2016-012 PDF icon 2016-012.pdf
2016 13 Submission of certificate of compliance on Philgeps posting, quarterly Philgeps... 03/07/2016 MC-2016-013 PDF icon 2016-013.pdf