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Risk Management Procedure Revision No. 2
Date Signed: September 14, 2020
Related MC/s: MC-2020-009, MC-2019-093
Creation of NIA Committee on Devolution
Date Signed: September 14, 2020
Interim Guidelines on Recruitment and Appointment Processing for the Period of State of Calamity
Date Signed: September 7, 2020
Related MC/s: MC-2020-104
Amendment to MC No. 045, s. 2018: Deadline for Submission of Supplemental Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) and Supplemental Annual Procurement Plan (APP) for CY 2020
Date Signed: September 1, 2020
Related MC/s: MC-2018-045
Reconstitution of the NIA Real Property and Housing Management Committee
Date Signed: August 28, 2020
Related MC/s: MC-2017-067, MC-2015-028
Specific Guidelines on the Application of the Equal Employment Opportunity Principle (EEOP)
Date Signed: August 26, 2020
Clarification and addendum to NIA MC No. 116 s. 2020: Reappointment from Project-Charged Position to Corporate Operating Budget Charged Position
Date Signed: August 26, 2020
Related MC/s: MC-2020-116, MC-2020-040
GPPB Reso No. 14-2020: Prescribed Form of Blacklisting Order, The Implementation of Online Blacklisting Portal, Circular for the Issuance and Posting of Blacklisting Orders and Amendments to Sec. 10 of the Revised Guidelines for Blacklisting
Date Signed: August 25, 2020
Related MC/s: MC-2005-057
Filing and Submission of the Revised Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN) Form for the Year 2020
Date Signed: August 17, 2020
Related MC/s: MC-2020-014
CSC MC No. 15, s. 2020 "Amendment to Section 38 of Omnibus Rules on Leave (Amended by CSC MC No. 41, s. 1998)"
Date Signed: August 14, 2020
Related MC/s: MC-2016-002