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Executive Order No. 77 "Prescribing Rules and Regulations and Rates of Expenses and Allowances for Official Local and Foreign Travels of Government Personnel
Date Signed: April 15, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-1996-023, MC-1995-043
Implementation of the Fourth Tranche Compensation Adjustment for Civilian Personnel in the National Government
Date Signed: April 12, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2017-078
Evaluation of Consultants to be Engaged in Feasibility and Detailed Engineering Studies
Date Signed: April 5, 2019
Revision / Updating / Renaming of SOEM Form A1-QS
Date Signed: April 5, 2019
Amendment to MC No. 15 s. 2019 "Guidelines for the Grant of Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Incentive for CY 2018
Date Signed: April 5, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2019-015
Amendment to MC No. 23 s. 2015 "Clarification on the Definition of Irrigable Land / Area for Purposes of Issuing Certification of No Irrigation Coverage in Applications for Exemption of Lands"
Date Signed: April 5, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2015-023
Addendum to MC No. 102 s. 2018 (Guidelines on the Hiring of Consultants)
Date Signed: April 5, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2018-102
Temporary Suspension of Tuesday and Thursday Wearing of Office Uniform
Date Signed: April 5, 2019
Reconstitution of Membership of NIA Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence Central Committee Technical Working Group (TWG)
Date Signed: April 2, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2016-020
Creation of Inspection and Monitoring Team in All Regional Offices
Date Signed: March 19, 2019