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Designation/Reassignment as Division Manager
Date Signed: August 13, 2019
Data Submission in Compliance to the Transparency Seal
Date Signed: August 13, 2019
Property Forms
Date Signed: August 13, 2019
Reconstitution of Appraisal and Auction Committees at Central Office and Field Offices
Date Signed: August 23, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2005-081, MC-1997-001, MC-1990-074
Clarifications on the Guidelines for the Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) System for the Appointive Directors of GOCCs for CY 2016 and Years Thereafter
Date Signed: August 13, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2013-001
Amendment to MC No. 21 s. 2018. Forced Leave for CY 2019 and Years Thereafter.
Date Signed: August 7, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2018-021
Adoption of Diversified Cropping in National/Communal Irrigation System
Date Signed: August 5, 2019
Reconstitution of the NIA Technical Working Group and Secretariat for GCG Compliance
Date Signed: August 5, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2018-067
Amendment on Memorandum Circular No. 43 series of 2018 (Creation of Inspection and Assessment Team)
Date Signed: July 30, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2018-043
Guidelines in the Implementation of NIA Knowledge Management
Date Signed: July 29, 2019