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Grant of Mid-Year Bonus, Year End Bonus and Cash Gift for FY 2019 and Years Thereafter
Date Signed: May 15, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2018-032, MC-2017-033, MC-2016-030
National Irrigation Administration Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan (NIADRRMP) 2019-2023
Date Signed: May 10, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2018-058, MC-2015-052, MC-2014-001, MC-2012-018, MC-2006-058, MC-1993-047, MC-1981-041, MC-1972-049
Revocation of MC No. 4, s. 2019 Re: Rendition of Overtime Services with Compensatory Time Off
Date Signed: May 9, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2019-004
Constitution of Anti-Red Tape Committee and its Technical Working Group
Date Signed: April 30, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2009-029
Updated Agency's Mission, Vision and Strategy Map
Date Signed: April 29, 2019
NIA-Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (NIA-PRAISE) Criteria for the CY 2018 Search for Outstanding Performers
Date Signed: April 29, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2017-036, MC-2016-029
CY 2019 Updated Frontline Services Requirements and Procedures Offered by NIA (Citizens Charter)
Date Signed: April 29, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2018-051, MC-2017-021
Executive Order No. 77 "Prescribing Rules and Regulations and Rates of Expenses and Allowances for Official Local and Foreign Travels of Government Personnel
Date Signed: April 15, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-1996-023, MC-1995-043
Implementation of the Fourth Tranche Compensation Adjustment for Civilian Personnel in the National Government
Date Signed: April 12, 2019
Related MC/s: MC-2017-078
Evaluation of Consultants to be Engaged in Feasibility and Detailed Engineering Studies
Date Signed: April 5, 2019