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Suspension of Payment of Viability Incentive Grant (VIG)
Date Signed: August 14, 2018
Related MC/s: MC-2008-045, MC-2007-020, MC-1995-006, MC-1989-052, MC-1989-015
Extension of Memorandum of Agreement by and between NIA and LRA
Date Signed: August 14, 2018
Related MC/s: MC-2016-006
DBM Circular Letter No. 2018-8 Prescribing Guidelines on the Conduct of Early Procurement for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 National Expenditure Program (NEP)
Date Signed: August 8, 2018
Republic Act No. 11032
Date Signed: August 6, 2018
Related MC/s: MC-2009-029, MC-2001-067, MC-2001-060
Addendum to MC No. 71, s. 2015 - Revised Rental Rates for the Function Rooms and Covered Court
Date Signed: August 6, 2018
Related MC/s: MC-2017-054, MC-2015-071, MC-2003-051
Revised Design of the NIA Uniform (2018) for Division Managers and above
Date Signed: July 30, 2018
Related MC/s: MC-2018-018, MC-2018-005
2018 Revised Equipment Rental Rates
Date Signed: July 25, 2018
Related MC/s: MC-2010-042, MC-2003-067, MC-1998-028, MC-1993-057
Supplemental to Memorandum Circular No. 59, s. 2018 Re: Creation of Technical Working Group (TWG) and Core Teams in the Development of NIA Competency Framework
Date Signed: July 24, 2018
Related MC/s: MC-2018-059
Reconstitution of the GCG Technical Working Group (TWG)
Date Signed: July 23, 2018
Related MC/s: MC-2017-030, MC-2016-069
COA Circular on the Reimbursement of Expenses not Requiring Official Receipts
Date Signed: July 20, 2018