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Blacklisted Contractors as of July 31, 2005 per Department of Trade and Industry Letter dated August 10, 2005
Date Signed: September 6, 2005
Regional Depots of Procurement Service
Date Signed: August 30, 2005
Amendment to Special Order No. 312, series of 2003: Permits, Licenses, Clearances, Certificates and Other Similar Instruments Issued by the Department, Bureaus and Attached Agencies
Date Signed: August 26, 2005
Amendment to Section 1 of Memorandum Order No. 171 series of 2005, which Amended Section 23.11.2 No. 3 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations Part A (IRR-A) of Republic Act No. 9184, Otherwise Known as the Government Procurement Reform Act
Date Signed: August 22, 2005
Administrative Order No. 122, Directing all Government Offices to Strictly Comply with Presidential Decree No. 96 Declaring Unlawful the Indiscriminate Use of Sirens, Blinkers or Similar Devices
Date Signed: August 22, 2005
Department of Agriculture Special Order No. 327, series of 2005
Date Signed: August 18, 2005
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Reimbursement of Monthly Allowable Expenses on the Use of Cellphones
Date Signed: August 8, 2005
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Loss of Official Receipts
Date Signed: August 3, 2005
Administrative Order No. 121 - Directing all Government Offices to Strictly Comply with Administrative Order No. 03 (s. 2001) Prohibiting the Acquisition and Use by Government Offices including Government Owned or Controlled Corporations, Government Financial Institutions , State Universities and Colleges and Local Government Units of Luxury Vehicles
Date Signed: August 3, 2005
Amendatory Guidelines to MC No. 61, s. 2005 on Approval of Travel Order
Date Signed: November 14, 2005
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