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Administrative Order No. 86
Date Signed: December 2, 2003
2004 Revised Equipment Rental Rates
Date Signed: December 1, 2003
Related MC/s: MC-1995-041
Reconstitution of Bids and Awards Committee, Technical Working Group and Secretariat at Central Office under RA 9184
Date Signed: November 28, 2003
Related MC/s: MC-2004-024
Guidelines on the Remittance, Allocation and Utilization of the Proceeds from the Settlement of ISF Back Account under the Compromise Agreement Program
Date Signed: November 24, 2003
Related MC/s: MC-2003-030, MC-2003-063, MC-2004-028, MC-2005-017
Payment of Remaining Half of Year-End Bonus and Cash Gift for CY 2003
Date Signed: November 18, 2003
Revised Implementing Guidelines (IG) for the Compromise Agreement Program (CAP) in Settling Irrigation Service Fee Back Account (ISF-BA) of Farmer-Beneficiaries of National Irrigation Systems (NISs)
Date Signed: November 6, 2003
Related MC/s: MC-2003-030, MC-2003-065, MC-2004-028, MC-2005-017
Prohibition on the Grant of Additional Bonuses in any Form
Date Signed: November 5, 2003
Rules and Regulations on the Computation and Payment of Daily Wage
Date Signed: November 3, 2003
Loss of Official Receipts
Date Signed: October 28, 2003
Supplementing Memorandum Circular No. 72, s. 2001 on Specific Guidelines on IDP Funds in Locally Funded POWs
Date Signed: October 23, 2003
Related MC/s: MC-2001-072, MC-2006-059