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Executive Order No. 417 dated March 22, 2005
Date Signed: May 24, 2005
Monthly Allowable Expenses on the Use of Cellphones
Date Signed: May 24, 2005
Related MC/s: MC-2005-064, MC-2008-022
Guidelines for the Availment of Advance Christmas Bonus and Cash Gift for CY 2005
Date Signed: May 17, 2005
Designation of RIM and/or Operations Managers to Represent NIA in Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) Collection Cases Involving an Amount Below Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (P500,000.00)
Date Signed: May 3, 2005
Administrative Order No. 32 series of 2004 re: Accreditation Guidelines for the Food Lane Project
Date Signed: May 3, 2005
Joint DA and DILG Memorandum Circular re: Enhancing the Functional Complementation Between the DA and LGUs in the Implementation of Irrigation, Post Harvest Facilities, Agri-Fishery Mechanization and Infrastructure, and other Agricultural Engineering Projects of AFMA.
Date Signed: May 3, 2005
Administrative Order No. 70, dated April 14, 2003 re: Strengthening of the Internal Control Systems and DBM Budget Circular No. 2004-4, dated March 22, 2004 re: Guidelines on the Organization and Staffing of Internal Auditing Units
Date Signed: April 28, 2005
DA Administrative Order No. 02, s. 2004 re: Rules Governing Personnel with Pending Administrative and Criminal Cases
Date Signed: April 19, 2005
Guidelines on Designation
Date Signed: April 11, 2005
Implementation of Administrative Order Nos. 103 and 117
Date Signed: April 4, 2005