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One-Way Deposit of Field Offices Cash Collections to Central Office
Date Signed: July 26, 2004
Related MC/s: MC-2004-043, MC-2005-078
Amendment to MC No. 24, s. 2004 re: Composition of the BAC Secretariat
Date Signed: October 6, 2004
Related MC/s: MC-2004-024
Amendment to Item IV-A of MC No. 66, s. 2003 re: Composition of the BAC Secretariat
Date Signed: July 9, 2004
Related MC/s: MC-2003-066, MC-2004-024-A
Modified Guidelines for Processing of Payment for Accounts Payable of National Government Agencies
Date Signed: December 23, 2005
Grant of Performance Bonus for FY 2005
Date Signed: December 16, 2005
Designation of Mr. Teodoro A. Velasco as Assistant Administrator for Finance & Management and Atty. Juan Agapito M. Tria II as Assistant Administrator for Administrative Services
Date Signed: December 16, 2005
Guidelines on the Availment of the Ten-Day Leave Under RA 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004)
Date Signed: December 15, 2005
4th International Convention and Exhibition and 56th PSAE Annual National Convention
Date Signed: December 7, 2005
Creation of Integrity Development Action Plan Committee (IDAPC) and Sectoral TWGs
Date Signed: December 6, 2005
Related MC/s: MC-2007-034
Amendment to MC No. 34, s. 1980 re: Food Subsidy to COA Personnel Assigned in the NIA
Date Signed: August 2, 1982
Related MC/s: MC-1980-034