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Issuance of NIA Car Pass Stickers
Date Signed: October 4, 2005
PRC Memo Circular No. 2005-09 re: Implementation of RA No. 9184
Date Signed: October 3, 2005
PRC Memorandum Circular No. 2005-11 Series re: Implementation of Section 17 of the Local Government Code and AFMA, the Design, Construction, Management , Research and Extension of Irrigation, SWPs, Farm Machinery and Post Harvest Facilities by LGUs in Relation to Philippine Agricultural Act of 1998
Date Signed: September 29, 2005
Executive Order No. 459
Date Signed: September 29, 2005
Executive Order No. 453
Date Signed: September 29, 2005
Implementation of MC No. 29, s. 2002 - Maximizing Potential Income of NIA Equipment and MC No. 61, s. 2002 - Policy Guidelines on Force Account Works
Date Signed: September 12, 2005
Related MC/s: MC-2002-029, MC-2002-061
Department of Agriculture Special Order No. 336, s. 2005
Date Signed: September 8, 2005
Blacklisted Contractors as of July 31, 2005 per Department of Trade and Industry Letter dated August 10, 2005
Date Signed: September 6, 2005
Regional Depots of Procurement Service
Date Signed: August 30, 2005
Amendment to Special Order No. 312, series of 2003: Permits, Licenses, Clearances, Certificates and Other Similar Instruments Issued by the Department, Bureaus and Attached Agencies
Date Signed: August 26, 2005