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Memorandum Circular No. 108 Re: Guidelines on Appearances of Department Heads and Other Officials of the Executive Department Before Congress
Date Signed: September 8, 2006
Commission on Audit Circular No. 2006-003 dated January 31, 2006 Regarding Restatement with Amendments of COA Circular No. 2005-001 on Accounting Policies in National Government Agencies
Date Signed: August 24, 2006
Enjoining All Government Departments, Agencies and Offices including Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations, to Invite Observers from the Private Sectors and the Non-Government Organizations to Sit in All Stages of the Proceedings of their Respective Bids and Awards Committee
Date Signed: August 23, 2006
Related MC/s: MC-2006-025
Extension in the availment period for MC 54 S. 2013 (Modifed Incentive Policy in the Payment of Back Accounts in Irrigation Service Fee in National Irrigation Systems)
Date Signed: March 8, 2016
Related MC/s: MC-2013-054
Submission of certificate of compliance on Philgeps posting, quarterly Philgeps posting report and agency procurement compliance and performance indicator system (APCI)
Date Signed: March 7, 2016
Guidelines in the ranking and distribution of the 2015 interim performance-based bonus (PBB)
Date Signed: March 3, 2016
Irrigation service fee (ISF) rates for irrigation pumps drawing water from irrigation canals, and drainage channels and groundwater inside irrigation service areas
Date Signed: February 15, 2016
Re: MC No. 01, S. 2016, Ämendment to section 20 of the omnibus rules on leave on the period within which to avail of paternity leave
Date Signed: February 22, 2016
Submission of PPMP and APP for CY 2017 and supplemental, PPMP and APP for CY 2017 and succeeding years
Date Signed: February 12, 2016
Related MC/s: MC-2011-048
Guidelines in the grant of the uniform/clothing allowance for CY 2016
Date Signed: February 12, 2016