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Reconstitiution of the BIDS and awards Committee-B (BAC-B) and secretariat at NIA Central Office
Date Signed: October 30, 2015
Amendment to MC No. 82, series of 2007 Re rules on Gifts and Benefits
Date Signed: October 29, 2015
Related MC/s: MC-2007-082, MC-2009-006
Reconstitution of the Real Property and Housing Management committee
Date Signed: October 28, 2015
Change of Office address of the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Food Security and Agricultural modernization
Date Signed: October 22, 2015
Appointment of Hon. Fredelita C. Guiza as Presidential assistant on the Food Security and Agricultural Modernization (Cabinet Rank) vice Francis N. Pangilinan effective on 30 September 2015
Date Signed: October 20, 2015
Temporary suspension of the thirty percent (30%) equity (cost recovery scheme) for nia ground water pump sets in areas affected by the El Niño
Date Signed: October 15, 2015
Calendar of activities and period of certain prohibited acts in connection with the May 09, 2016 National and Local Elections
Date Signed: October 1, 2015
Executive Order No. 181 Implementation of the provision of the grant of the FY 2015 General appropriation act (GAA) on the grant of the FY 2015 Productivity enhancement incentive (PEI) to government employees
Date Signed: September 29, 2015
Creation of Task Force Calamity and the guidelines on the reporting of calamity damages and implementation of Repair/Restoration Works.
Date Signed: September 8, 2015
Policy and implemetating guidelines in the establishment of the patubigayan trust fund
Date Signed: September 23, 2015
Related MC/s: MC-2001-033