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Transfer of the Central Office Motorpool, Transport Service and Maintenance from the General Services Division, Administrative Department to the Equipment Management Division, Operations Department
Date Signed: February 2, 2024
Adoption, Implementation, and Utilization of the Online Library Management Information System
Date Signed: December 29, 2023
NIA Ushering 2024
Date Signed: December 29, 2023
National Irrigation Administration Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence
Date Signed: January 24, 2024
Creation of Steering Committee and Technical Working Group for the REID Foundation Consultancy Service for the Preparation of the NIA Procurement Manual, Right-of-Way Manual, and Social and Environmental Safeguards Manual
Date Signed: January 24, 2024
Creation of Technical Working Group (TWG) and Secretariat for the NIA Farming Support Project
Date Signed: January 23, 2024
Amendments to Certain Provisions of MC 42 S. 2023, Enhanced Implementing Guidelines for the Establishment, Operation, and Maintenance of Irrigators' Association Model Farm (IAMF)
Date Signed: January 19, 2024
Related MC/s: MC-2023-042
Revised Guidelines on the Utilization of the Proceeds from the Sale of Bid Documents
Date Signed: January 16, 2024
Related MC/s: MC-2023-091
Reconstitution of the Hazard Allowance Committee (HAC) for the Screening and Evaluation of the Hazard Pay Eligibility Application of National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Science and Technology (S&T) Personnel
Date Signed: January 16, 2024
Amendment to M.C No. 155 s. 2023 Entitled "Revised Guidelines in the Preparation of Program of Works, Approved Budget for the Contract, Estimated Project Cost and/or Derivation of Unit Cost of all Irrigation Projects for Implementation"
Date Signed: January 17, 2024
Related MC/s: MC-2023-155